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Saturdays - 2:00pm - Brazilian Time

Here we're going to organize and schedule Conference Calls for practise of english conversation.

The official day is always at Saturdays, 02:00pm, brazilian time.
But, of course, it is allowed to schedule here conference calls for other days and times...

Let your skype id below if you want to join. Or you can add me on skype. My skype id is garotobossanova

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Wednesday - 21h00min
Hello everybody!

Next conference is going to happen Wednesday at 9:00pm

Let your skype id below or just add garotobossanova on skype to participate...

I cannot join the conference on Wednesday, I have classes at night :-(
But I'll try to join on Saturday ;-)

My Skype id is cledima2009

Have a great night
Conference call on skype now!!
Add garotobossanova to join...
english and spanish...
my skype: jarbas.alves
Conference Call Now!
Add garotobossanova to join!
Conference call again!
Add garotobossanova on skype to join us!!
We have been doing conference calls almost daily...
Just add garotobossanova in skype to join!
How it works? I don't know.
meu skype é guberneto
Hey, guys. I'd like to join you too. My skype is mestre_142.  See ya!

My skype is fabiohsz

meu skype é mardenrego

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