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Você sabe a diferença entre Acquire English e Learn English ?

Ola amigos..

Dias atraz estava eu "enjuriado" de ler um monte de .pdf sobre ingles, gramaticas etc...
Neste momento parei para pensar.. deve haver uma maneira mais divertida de aprender ingles... mas como ?!?

Encontrei a resposta quando soube a diferença entre Acquire English e Learn English...

Leia o texto:

E de sua opnião..

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Dear Eduardo,

I had pass for the same issue. When I decided to learn English, it was boried have to learn so many grammatical rules and exceptions, so before I noticed I had alredy gave up. In that time I didn't have Internet and computer's language was COBOL and BASIC (can you remmember that time?) so to look for alternatives was very difficulty.

When my wife and I decided move to USA, I had a little knowledge in English and my wife none. So at the begining we started acquire English, the reason was simple we lived English 24/7, and we had to comunicate with others don't manner how. But after some time we discovered that learning it's so important as to acquire the language, because learning helps with our compreension and to make others understand us.

What can I saied by my own experience? There is not only one way to get fluency on any new language but a group of manners. We should use both - learning and acquiring - simultaneously to improve our skills.

One thing you have to keep in mind whether you decide to study, close the door of the room and make that place a English Sanctuary, I mean NOT PORTUGUESE AT ALL!!!! This keep you think and live in English.

About the text, I just can say that's terrific!

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Elio Sigiani
very good.....
This is very good thanks !
About the text, that is wonderful..., very good.
Many courses will have to change the way you teach your students. Learning English is boring, acquire English much more interesting. Thanks for your text.


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