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Às 14:21 em 28 outubro 2009, marcelo pires disse...
oi me adicione, to na intenção de aprender um pouco de ingles. bjs
Às 15:46 em 28 outubro 2009, Jason Andres disse...
How are you? Love to practice english with you. In exchange tell me about Brasil because I want to visit.
Às 5:30 em 29 outubro 2009, Jason Andres disse...
Hi Adriana,
Tell me more about yourself like age, your job, what you do for fun. I am planning to stay for a month. I would like to see Rio and the amazonas. The rest i will leave it to faith. Any information you can give me will be great.
Às 18:37 em 29 outubro 2009, cleu soares disse...
Hi Adriana,

I do not have much to talk about me. Portugal, I like very, very quiet with a peace magic. and when you come here is in my house.
Às 18:57 em 29 outubro 2009, Danielle Pereira de Almeida disse...
Hi Dri!!! Very good the site!
Kisses friend....
Às 11:57 em 30 outubro 2009, Jason Andres disse...
Hi, I'm planning to go to brazil around Dec. I will visit Rio first, and hopefully I can get out because I heard its a very fun city. New Zealand is a very beautiful country with 4 seasons. We have a lot of Lamb and beautiful seafood. Its a small country of less than 5 million people. I heard so much about Brasil and I'm very excited to go. I will check out some hotels to stay in Rio but if i get stuck I wish for you to tell me some good places to stay. Take care
Às 12:20 em 18 novembro 2009, Jeffrey disse...
Hi Adriana,

How are you doing? I am here to chop it up and make friends with some people from Brasilian...I am in the beginning stages of learning portuguese. I'd also like to learn more
giria of the streets and idiomatic expressions used in Brasil.

I'll request to add you here. I look forward to knowing more about you.
Hope you have wonderful day there.

Take car,

Às 23:30 em 7 dezembro 2009, Jefferson Carlos Soares disse...
Às 23:30 em 7 dezembro 2009, Jefferson Carlos Soares disse...
Às 23:30 em 7 dezembro 2009, Jefferson Carlos Soares disse...
I was happy to know! You have many friends in India (Bangalore)! Join us in the network IBFC - Brazil India Friendship Club ok! A big hug for you!

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