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Where I'm from:
I teach english in a public school and I must to improve my english. If anybody needs some help I´m here.
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Às 18:38 em 30 agosto 2008, Little Flávia disse...
not at all, I hope to talk with you more time,a huge!
Às 17:33 em 9 outubro 2008, elide conte disse...
Hi Alex,
How are you doing? My name is Elide and I live in Campinas / SP.
Please I need to improve my english and my pronuntiation.
Could you pls help me?
Às 22:12 em 16 outubro 2008, Little Flávia disse...
i an a very busy at the moment,because of the university,as soon s possible i will go back,thanks for your attention,a hug!
Às 14:47 em 26 fevereiro 2009, Angela Maria do Santos disse...
Hi dear
My name is Angela, have 37 year old.
I'am from Rio de Janeiro but moment i living in europe in Belgium.
Here i study dutch and english now!!!
I need very help for speak and learn more...
I' am separate and have one children that living in Brasil with your father.
I' am this Country 2 years...
Hope that God bless you and your family dear
My msn :
Big hug for you.
Às 5:08 em 27 fevereiro 2009, Angela Maria do Santos disse...
Hi dear!!!
Thank you very much your to help!!!
I need much learn more about english rss
Friend, i here study only with internet...
But i 'm glad that you be help with me.
God Bless you and family!!
Às 22:46 em 18 março 2010, Adilton Sant'Anna disse...
Hello Alexandre, How are you?
I just want to keep in contact with you and know you better.
Did you ever travelled for studying english (out of country i mean).
Feel free to correct any typo you find in my texts
Às 4:56 em 6 novembro 2010, Felipe Eduardo Neves de Oliveira disse...
Hello Alexandre, How are you?
I´m a student of Bauru, São Paulo and i learning english by myself, watching films and reading texts in english, i know a few words but, i don´t know speak very well and have a lot of words that i don´t understand...and i´m here to talk with people like you, for train.
that is all, thank you for your time.
Às 23:56 em 13 dezembro 2010, lilian dias disse...

Hi Alexandre.

how are you?

Im a teacher too. I live in sao paulo and I don t have anyone to talk  with me.

Às 11:46 em 21 agosto 2011, Rodolpho De Mattos Souzah disse...

Hey man ... How are you doing? Well, I´m an English student. Don´t you have MSN or Skype? Let´s improve and practice English there. See you and take care. A hug. I hope talk with you soon.

Às 5:30 em 28 outubro 2011, Rodolpho De Mattos Souzah disse...
Hey man ... Don't worry about it ... yeah ... That's good. I like to practice my English with my friends ... When you see me in my MSN or Skype online let's practice English ok? See you and take care ... A hug ... See you next time.

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