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Às 19:28 em 2 janeiro 2008, Anjalluz disse...
oh so cute your page!

I loved the template....

kisses for you and enjoy yourself this website is really terrific to improve our English and don't forget! try to make other friends
Às 23:01 em 2 janeiro 2008, angelo santos disse...
hello , amanda nice to meet you, it is very nice to make frends , end we can learn inglish together, now i would like to wish you a pappy new year ok ? i am going to leave my msn, if you want to talk with me kiss for you , bye
Às 18:21 em 4 janeiro 2008, Anjalluz disse...
ohhh..that's so should look for in my friend's list they are so kind..and....I saw've already made a friend...Angelo Santos!!! give a message to him...My holidays are great...with my family..having wonderful dishes prepared by mommy and my about yours?????
see you Monday!
Às 11:02 em 10 fevereiro 2008, Tom Van de steene disse...
oi amanda, como vai vc..
Às 22:39 em 10 fevereiro 2008, jadilson disse...
I'm looking for friends to improve English and other stuffs.
Would you like it?
Às 13:38 em 14 fevereiro 2008, jadilson disse...
Hi, seeing you online, I felt a wish to say hello to you.
Às 21:16 em 15 fevereiro 2008, jadilson disse...
Hey, I've been putting some translations of songs on my page in order to help and enjoy my friends. Look for the link and take a look at. I've also been downloading some songs from my own computer to my home page, so you can also listen to them while you visualize the translation. And more, if you want, you can add your own tranlations.
Às 22:01 em 14 maio 2008, Edelson borges da silva disse...
hello girl!!! it's a pleasure to meet u ....i'd like to charge experience in english....

Às 14:06 em 18 maio 2008, Fábio Ferreira de Santana disse...
Hi girl, my name is Fábio I would like to improve my English, would you like to be my friend and to share our knowledge?
Às 21:28 em 12 junho 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hello, Amanda! I am a teacher of Portuguse Language, Mathematics for adults and work The English Language with children of five at twelve years old here in Salvador - Bahia!
I love the English and to make new and interesting friendship! I would of to be its friend! Can I? You have the joy of the angels in its look!

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