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Where I'm from:
Recife Pernambuco Brasil
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Caixa de Recados (5 comentários)

Às 1:34 em 2 janeiro 2009, Alexandre Braga Machado disse...
Do you want to be my friend? if you want, we can talk about a lot of things in english.. just to train our english, ok?
I hope you add me

Às 15:17 em 2 janeiro 2009, Alexandre Braga Machado disse...
how much time do study english?
I see you are starting..
have you ever travel abroad?

happy new year too!
Às 19:46 em 5 janeiro 2009, Everton Vinicius disse...
My MSN is
Às 11:09 em 9 janeiro 2009, Alexandre Braga Machado disse...
I understand
I hope some day travel to england because of my english and I really love that country.
In your case, you like south america, don't you? In my case I don't like here.. I prefer europe instead.
What do you do in you work?

see you
Às 10:29 em 13 janeiro 2009, Alexandre Braga Machado disse...
are you a doctor?
Cool! It must be so hard.. I think this profession is one of the most difficult to study and work.
I hope some day visit some contry wich the main language is english.
But when you are retired you can travel whenever you want
And it'll be good, won't be?

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