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Arnolds Raymonds
  • Masculino
  • Belo Horizonte Mg
  • Brasil

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Hello Folks I am a writer fiction books and I am also a amateur perfumist among other things. I am very friendly. I'm living in Belo Horizonte and I love people, cars, bikes, beer, animals. And you? Let's keep a good idea, make walking, talking as basic  or  intermediate english, drink a beer or a soft drink? If do you like make  friends get touch on my email, I wait you soon.

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A rare Spider.

Postado em 24 julho 2015 às 16:29 0 Comentários

My brother is a very smart and shrewd guy. One day he was exploring a cave the night, and suddenly saw a muto strange spider. The spider had points of light in the legs. It was a bright light radiated spider while hunting. A rare and unknown species of…


A strange phenomeno with bees.

Postado em 24 julho 2015 às 15:43 0 Comentários

Here on the sidewalk wall of the base of my street is a hive of native stingless bees. One day something strange happened. Suddenly hundreds of bees appeared dead in the hive nozzle spills while ourtras hundreds buzzed flying swarm. The next day came the calm and the hive resumed their business as if nothing had happened. I thought this was an attack fenônemo another hive honey seize…


Postado em 24 julho 2015 às 15:29 0 Comentários

Caixa de Recados (2 comentários)

Às 12:31 em 24 julho 2015, Frederico Faleiro disse...

Hi there!
I sent you an email.
Thank you ;)

Às 13:58 em 24 julho 2015, Arnolds Raymonds disse...

.Hello Fred. Thanks a lot. I already replied your message. I am  happy you have sent me this message. Arnaldo

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