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I would like to improve my English and meet new friends.
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Às 9:30 em 5 setembro 2008, Marcio Rodrigues disse...
hello....add me are you? where are you from?
Às 5:19 em 8 setembro 2008, Bernarda Maia disse...
Hi Cristiane,
Not a problem, I can help you improve your English. First thing is in your interests here. You wrote: I would like to improve my English and meet a friends. But the correct is: I would like to improve my English and meet friends or new friends, which is better, since you are not here trying to find friends that you already have.
And do not forget, a is used in the singular form. e.g. I have a friend who lives in Australia.

Às 21:55 em 9 setembro 2008, Rosana Costa disse...
OI Cris, claro que aceito, podemos conversar sempre e quem melhorar mais o nosso inglês, né?
Às 7:15 em 11 setembro 2008, Marcio Rodrigues disse...
hi, me too..thanks..i'm recepcionist Pousada Porto Mare, i'm maried and have two childrens, Giovanna six years and Isabella three years old...i love the beach, and you? How do you do ? kisses
Às 18:31 em 11 setembro 2008, Bernarda Maia disse...
Not a Problem Cris, is hard to write in English sometimes, specially when we are talking about Brazil. I did not know that you were living in Japan! If you come to Australia It would be a pleasure to meet you and guide you around! Do you speak Japanese? I don't know if I could survive in Japan...hahaha
Good to know that you liked my blog, I have to find time to write more, though.
You are absolutely right, when we decide to live abroad we have to stick with this idea and make it positive, otherwise the pain would be bigger than it already is.
Nice to meeting you!

Às 9:48 em 13 setembro 2008, David Stephensen disse...
Hi Cris. Nice to meet you. I hope to have time to write blogs for everyone more regularly. If you need help I can answer questions by e-mail or using this message board. Abraços.
Às 18:26 em 8 março 2009, Marcos Gomes disse...
Thanks!! I wait your help!!
Às 0:03 em 16 maio 2009, Mauricio disse...
Estive ausente.
Bom Cris, nos dois exemplos basicamente não há diferença mas, dependendo do verbo, haverá sim.

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