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Where I'm from:
África - Moçambique
Improve my english
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Caixa de Recados (8 comentários)

Às 18:11 em 11 março 2008, Milla disse...
I know for name but a never was go there. My dream is to travel for all my country but money that is good but we don't have “is a joke” hehehe …I’m stay happy to practice with you… kisses

Everything of good for you...

excuse me for my English mistakes
Às 16:20 em 16 março 2008, Jossana Vanessa disse...

add you!
Às 19:00 em 16 março 2008, denise costa disse...
Hi,welcome to be my friend,we can exchange some experiences in enghlish now.
Have a great week!!!!
Às 19:05 em 3 abril 2008, Lil' Dawg disse...
Hey Dick. What's up man? I have just seen your profile and I really got interested in knowing a bit about you. I live in Brazil but I'm Houston,TX. I work as an English Language Teacher and Interpreter here. I'm volunteer at the YMCA in Virginia. I work with African American Vernacular English for which I'm well-known in the town I stay. African people, for me. is the most beautiful and friendly ones in the whole world. I really love y'all from Africa. I will be there someday brother!
Hope you alright and it finds you well there!

If you are willing to learn English. holla at me bruh!
Às 22:26 em 3 abril 2008, Ana Paula Agustinho disse...
Oh, do you live in Africa? Cool!
Sorry my english, I´m from Brazil and I´m learning english...
Às 20:41 em 7 abril 2008, Ana Paula Agustinho disse...
Oh Thanks.

First, sorry my english, because I'm learning. If you can help me.... :)

So... I'm from Brazil, I'm twenty-two years old and I'm student of physiotherapy. And you? Tell me about you...

Às 15:05 em 7 novembro 2008, Camila disse...
Hi!! im very good!! end you??
yes!!clear!! i like very of do new friends!!
end is good to i practise the my English!!
Às 23:22 em 17 fevereiro 2009, Ezi disse...
The pleasure is mine....

Well....I hope we can be friends!

Let's talk and share our ideas...

Take care!

See ya.

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