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  • São Paulo
  • Brasil

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Caixa de Recados (70 comentários)

Às 19:33 em 28 janeiro 2008, flavio couitnho disse...
hi erika
hi honney!!!!
how are you?
can you me add?
i"m from brazil, i"m live in sp, lapa do you khow here;?

my objecive here, is to make frienship,and learning ingles

and you?
can you me add?
Às 19:08 em 29 janeiro 2008, Marco Aurélio disse...
Hi, Erica!

For sure you can add me like a friend. I'll do the same! I'd be very happy talking to you. Thus, we can learn with each other!

See you!
Take care,
Marco Aurélio.
Às 19:33 em 29 janeiro 2008, flavio couitnho disse...
hi honey!!!!!
thank you!!!!!
so.... let talk when you wait !!!!!

so....... i can help you, and you can help me, hihihihihii
Às 20:27 em 30 janeiro 2008, Marco Aurélio disse...
Hi, Erica!

I'm a student (third year of our Ensino Médio). I really like studying lol. It's basically what I do. But I also like sports very much. Athletics, firstly. Soccer, in the sequence. And you, what do you like and do?

Take care!
Às 10:08 em 31 janeiro 2008, David A. Bailey, Jr disse... name is David. Sou de Orlando, Florida.
Sou professor de inglês aqui em Maranhão.
Estou buscando fazer novas amizades.
Me adicione!
Um Forte Abraço,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. Se quiser me conhecer mais visite:
Meu Site:
Meu Blog:
Meu Orkut:
Às 15:26 em 7 fevereiro 2008, Marco Aurélio disse...
Hi, Erica!

Very interesting that you do archery! We seldom see someone who practices this sport! Hearding this I remember of Legolas, from The Lord of the Rings lol. A very good movie, in my opinion. Not always we see a movie that don't seem to be poor when we compare with the book lol. Harry Potter's movies, for example, I don't think much of. The books are much better to me heheh. (I think I am a bit partial when I am talking about books against the movies based on them lol, please, forgive me at this particular... ;-) ).
And sometimes we really feel too much lazy to study. When it occurs to me I usually go running, trust me lol, I have to spend some energy. I guess it wake me up, I come more alert, and not the contrary, how I think we are prone to guess. Why don't you try to do something similar when it happen to you? Maybe it works.
Keep in touch.

Take care!

Marco Aurélio.
Às 22:27 em 9 fevereiro 2008, jadilson disse...
hi, I'm looking for friends in order to share knowledges.
Às 10:54 em 10 fevereiro 2008, Tom Van de steene disse...
oi erica, tudos bem
Às 10:50 em 11 fevereiro 2008, Anjalluz disse...
Hey of course we can be friends and then share our knowledge...yep I love English and I try to be useful in this website...
do you have skype??? could you add me? my username is anjalluz
Às 12:09 em 11 fevereiro 2008, Anjalluz disse...
ok...I don't care about time...I also don't have depends of many things..certainly at weekends we can talk on skype ..because I need to speak fluent and I think it is the way...practicing...
ok I added you in my list...bye

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