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Where I'm from:
Hello, I believe, the best way to learn English is practising and the internet has been very helpful. So if you want do improve your English, let's start to practise.

See you.
Nível de inglês:
My skype name is WATERPA.

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Às 11:19 em 16 setembro 2008, Daize Lellys disse...
Hi Naldo, it's really nice meeting you!

I'm here in João Pessoa for three years and a half. Actually I lived most of my life in Curitiba, but I always dreamed about coming to Jampa, the city of my heart... I used to come here on vacation and that's when I decided that I'd live here...someday. And here I am! It's like a dreaming coming true...
It's gonna be great sharing experiences with you and practice our English, at the same time!
My skype is dzlellys . Hope to see you there!
Take care....
Às 19:37 em 20 setembro 2008, Jucimara disse...
Oi, friend you want to know as I you are physically? Here in the Maranhão the climate is hot has beaches wonderful and the spectacle that is the lenções maranhense and has certesa that you already heard to speak of this natural beauty and does not have skype
Às 11:21 em 21 setembro 2008, Alexandre Escribano Ozarias disse...
hello, what's up?
already accepted
Às 20:49 em 27 fevereiro 2009, Angela Maria do Santos disse...
Hi dear...
thank you very much your messeger that you sending for me.
I still no have skipe but i will trying make skype for me.
Have a nice weekend my friend.
Às 22:40 em 1 março 2009, Lídia disse...
Hellooo...How are you doing?! :)))
Oh, thank you! I know it is not, but the good thing is that you have people willing to you! :) when there are errors in the texts, plis correct me, yes?!

My greatest difficulty is with pronunciation...and the rest. rsrs
Thank you for the tip of the program, i find..^~

Kisses and Hug!

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