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Érycka Martins

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Where I'm from:
São Paulo - Brazil
I wanna learn english fluently and know peeps.
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (11 comentários)

Às 14:28 em 7 janeiro 2008, Roger disse...
Hello, Erycka... I'd like to be your friend. As I'm in the intermediate level too we could be friends, talking in English a lot, change doubts and so fourth.
Ok. I see you soon.
Às 9:34 em 10 janeiro 2008, David A. Bailey, Jr disse... name is David. Sou de Orlando, Florida.
Sou professor de inglês aqui em Maranhão.
Estou buscando fazer novas amizades.
Me adicione!
Um Forte Abraço,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. Se quiser me conhecer mais visite:
Meu Site:
Meu Blog:
Meu Orkut:
Às 9:17 em 12 janeiro 2008, Roger disse...
Erycka... I'm happy that I've received your message. Don't worry. I'll try to talk to you in simple English. I' love music too. I'm playthe guitar, eletric guitar and piano. Are you a model? You're really beautiful. I work in a bank and Graduated from Phisycal therapy.
I like movies very much....
Let's keep on talking...
Erycka... sempre q tiver algo na minha mensagem que vc não entender me pergunte q eu tento te explicar daí nós dois vamos aprendendo, ok!!!
Às 7:41 em 13 janeiro 2008, Roger disse...
Hello Erycka.. I knew're really a model...when I saw your picture I could see how much you're beautiful. So, you're form Piauí. That's cool. It must be hot there, musn't it? I've ever lived in SP. It is a great place.I guess your daily routine must be excited. Could you tell me a little bit about it in next message so that I can correct it to you. Well, thanks for your message. It will always be a pleasure talking to you. Well, firstly I'd like to say you don't worry about your English 'cause it is ok. I'm gonna help you in some points that I think they're important.

I'm gonna to explain it to you in Portuguese 'cause I think you will understand better...

I was born in Piauí but I live in São Paulo 2 years ago
O correto seria : I was born in Piauí but I have lived in SP for 2 years. - ou ainda - ...but I have been living in SP for 2 years. ....( faz 2 anos que eu moro em SP). Aqui Erycka, temos o uso do Present Perfect ou o uso do Present Perfect Progressive ( continuous em alguns livros). Temos que usá-lo pois vc citou um fato q começou no passado e continua ainda no presente. Vc começou a morar em SP faz 2 anos e ainda mora atualmente. A estrutura é sempre Have+ Past Participle
até agora eu tô gostando : I'm enjoying it so far...
mesmo assim eu gostaria que você não viesse : I wish you wouldn't come even so.
I hope to help you in manny others questions. If you have any doubt you can ask me it.
See you...
Hugs and Kisses.
Às 14:00 em 14 janeiro 2008, dannyvalme milhomem da silva disse...
hey erycka i was looking for a friend to practice and learn my english fast, i gonna add you if you disire know me acept me ok
Às 11:12 em 15 janeiro 2008, Lil' Dawg disse...
Hey Erycka! I have been through lots of accounts and found you on David's friends list. I am from Houston TX, but now I live in Brazil. Well, It all started like this. My mother is from Brazil and my father from San Antonio TX. It ended up in Houston where I was born. My name is Rodrigo and I understand your pain. I think I can help you, if you'd like!
My msn is
Às 16:57 em 26 janeiro 2008, Roger disse...
Hey, Erycka... Where are you? It's been a long time since we last talked to each other. Is everything all right? How are you doing in SP?
I hope to hear about you...
Às 22:40 em 10 fevereiro 2008, jadilson disse...
I'm looking for friends to improve English and other stuffs.
Would you like it?
Às 23:06 em 10 maio 2008, wellington disse...
hello, how are you ?? You are so beautiful !!!

I have a sister named Herika Martins, so when looking for somebody I enterested to you due to this ...

Às 18:41 em 3 março 2009, coelho disse...
hi ,
my name´s rick .
how are you?

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