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Where I'm from:
Rio de Janeiro
I am interested in meeting people from other countries or Brazilian but who wish to practice their English.

I also want to improve my English even more.
And make new friends too!

* Please only post messages in English here. ok?
If posting something in Portuguese unfortunately I will delete and certainly I will not answer!!
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Caixa de Recados (4 comentários)

Às 10:13 em 26 abril 2011, Stephanie Peixoto disse...

Hi Flávia!

I'm fine, thank's and you?

Sure, but I'm beginner in English language, sometimes I need use the translator, however I'm trying not to use too much. We can trade knowledge.

Oh I study in and there has native speakers.


Take care and see you soon!

Às 22:17 em 26 abril 2011, André Luís disse...

Hello, Flávia! Of course I agree! I'm studying and working a lot these days, but when I get some free time, we can talk and know better each other. See you soon at Ingles Verde Amarelo. :)


Às 12:35 em 27 abril 2011, Alexandre Tiago disse...

yes girl, but still have so much praticie in speaking english, i am in the basics, but would love the chat with you. kisses 

Às 14:45 em 28 abril 2011, Petra Barradas disse...

hey Flavia.


I live in Portugal, far from Brazil. but I want to learn English :D


yeah sure.

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