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Caixa de Recados (12 comentários)

Às 16:00 em 4 dezembro 2010, Jhonathan Jmg disse...

Às 11:04 em 6 dezembro 2010, laor batista de paula junior disse...
hello there!
Às 10:30 em 10 dezembro 2010, WAGNER CARDOSO disse...

I want to learn English you can help me? be my friend there on the site. thank you even more.

Às 19:07 em 23 março 2011, Ben Lewis disse...
I am great, thanks.
Às 0:47 em 24 março 2011, Edson disse...

hi Gabi


Im from sp

Às 3:37 em 24 março 2011, Daniel Freire Fonseca disse...

I am from Fortaleza, but i have lived to Canada,Toronto city...just few months ago i came back to Brazil..

by the way, nice to meet you!

Às 6:13 em 8 abril 2011, antonio cobain disse...

Hello i am Antonio from brazil, would like to maintain a friendship with you if possible to share about english culture moreover language then knowledge, thus increase the aspects about that country.

have a nice day if you want to get in contact with me both of us to improve english together

here we go ...My msn


Às 15:49 em 24 abril 2011, laor batista de paula junior disse...
So, you're an advanced English speaker then, how nice! Hum.. I was wodering here where did you learn it from and how, I would also like to know where exactly Bento Gonçalves is, Imean if its not asking too much, thanks anyways bye bye.
Às 22:18 em 19 setembro 2011, Guilherme Miranda disse...

How could it be nice to meet me if you didn't do that yet? hahahaha
My name is Guilherme M. from Rio de Janeiro

Nice to meet u too Gabi
How is everything?

Às 21:15 em 19 outubro 2011, laor batista de paula junior disse...
Gabi, sorry I' ve been away for a long time, the thing is I read your scrap and I think you will be a good teacher, I was a teacher myself for a while but I'm not a very paciente person by nature so I've quit but I still love the language and will keep studying it for a long time.

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