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Às 23:03 em 2 setembro 2010, Priscilla disse...
Hey, good! Nowadays, I do an English course and try to keep contact with the language frequently, every day, by reading, listening, chatting, and training my out put, recording my voice. But I would like to talk with a native to can see where I can really go until now, but I haven't had an opportunity to meet a native nearby. And you, what do you do to improve (if you need) your English?

See you! ;)
Às 21:25 em 24 janeiro 2011, Sthefanie Castro disse...

Thanks, my pleasure =)

I'm from Porto Seguro, Bahia

do you know ? And you ?


see you !

Às 12:29 em 31 janeiro 2011, Sthefanie Castro disse...
Hmm, I bet you won't repent =)

Wow, great city, I've never been there before, but, who knows someday ? x)


The weather here is too hot too, but I'm so sensitive to cold.. haha


I'm enjoying the beginning of the year, not like I wanted, but I'm..

Next week I start to study :(( I can't believe it..

How old r you ? Do you already study ?


See you, Guilherme !

Às 20:15 em 31 janeiro 2011, Ben Lewis disse...
Ya I checked it out and it just might work, I am going to book my reservations by Thurs or Fri, there are a few things I am still waiting on. I have MSN is the email I used for it. Too bad I dont have a Skype it would help me greatly. Thank you for looking that stuff up for me man. How is it goin buddy?
Em 7:11am on fevereiro 01, 2011, LUCIANO DA SILVA OLIVEIRA deu para Guilherme Miranda um presente...
Às 8:25 em 13 fevereiro 2011, ives disse...

Hi my friend nice sunday for you and yours too.

Enjoy the Rio´s heat .


Às 0:06 em 6 março 2011, augusto da silva melo disse...
my carnaval is very good. I'll  want go tomorrow. and you?
Às 0:07 em 6 março 2011, augusto da silva melo disse...

do you have msn??


Às 18:14 em 13 março 2011, Taylor Sloane disse...

Hey man, no real plans yet. I obviously want to see Rio, but I don't think I can stay for too long because it's an expensive city. I'm just going to have an open mind and see what happens I guess.

Às 8:33 em 2 maio 2011, Taylor Sloane disse...

Ya man. I'm staying 1 block from Ipanema beach and 3 blocks from Cocacabana. I'm gonna go check out Christo Redentor today.


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