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Dont know yet lol
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Às 18:11 em 3 janeiro 2010, Eneas Santos disse...
Great Red Hat! How are you?
Às 18:28 em 3 janeiro 2010, Eneas Santos disse...
i think you are brasilian to.
can i add you with friend?
a am level intermediate in english and whant practice a lot...
just say yes!! please... rsrs!!!
Às 10:09 em 7 janeiro 2010, Eneas Santos disse...
hello girl with red hat!
add me at skipe!
'cause i am creating a group to discuss subjects in english. If you whant you achieve!
Lets go friend - go practice english.
Speaking like xuxa... kissis kissis 'n bye bye!
skipe: eneas.santos72
Às 17:09 em 7 janeiro 2010, Helvio Dezoti disse...
Thank you Ieda!!!
And nice meet you!!!
A lot of hugs for you!!!
Às 17:57 em 7 janeiro 2010, Eneas Santos disse...
what "lol" means?
Às 21:22 em 8 janeiro 2010, Eneas Santos disse...
thanks for your answer.
i'll never discover by myself. i whould send a gift for you but i don't know how obtein credits in this site yet! By now i will just give hugs... hehe lol.
have a nice weekend!
Em 9:24pm on janeiro 08, 2010, Eneas Santos deu para Ieda Brito um presente...
oh i found one gift that don't need credits... take please. Follow good intentions! hehehe lol!
Às 20:13 em 11 janeiro 2010, Gissele Campos disse...
Hi Ieda!!How are you??Thank so much!!Have a nice on day!!Kisses.
Às 17:10 em 12 janeiro 2010, Gissele Campos disse...
Hello Dear! Thank you so Much ... is very nice! Kisses and good week to you!
Às 6:05 em 1 fevereiro 2010, Eneas Santos disse...
Hello Ieda! h r u?
Thanks a lot for your gift i really loved it. You r very nice.
Tell me, do u live here in Brazil? Where exactly [ city - not full adress please - lol ]
Have a nice week - day - year - century...

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