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Receive texts and songs in English and know peoples
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Caixa de Recados (13 comentários)

Às 23:24 em 7 abril 2008, jhon disse...
Hello. I'm Jhon. How are you?
Glad to meet you.
Às 22:44 em 8 abril 2008, Verinha disse...
hello girl how are you? add me.
now I need sleep...
Às 19:37 em 9 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
Hi as will, I would like to have you on my team because it is so far.
Parnaíba in Chumphon where we have the river in our Igaraçu known Delta of Parnaíba the riverside so busy the weekends, the beaches of Stone Sal, Luis Correia, Atalaia and a Paraiso who loved what was a pond of Portinho, Fantastico, it is not ?
Às 8:34 em 10 abril 2008, cristiano disse...

Not my family is scattered between Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo and know well your city, rather, is that I work with Audit Business throughout Brazil and I had to go to Parnaíba visit a company and just visiting the various places mentioned above and sincerely loved all
Às 21:48 em 10 abril 2008, Verinha disse...
it is a pleasure have you like my contact. My msn is
Às 17:31 em 11 abril 2008, jadilson disse...
hello, I've come across your profile and if you want me to be your friend I'd be quite happy.
Às 17:14 em 12 abril 2008, jadilson disse...
hi, I'm from Bahia.
What state Parnaiba belongs to?
I welcome you
see ya!
Às 10:19 em 18 abril 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...
You have the joy of the angels in your eyes and the beauty of the flowers makes you pretty and singela.
Às 11:06 em 18 abril 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...
Thank you, Iveridiane for be your friend.
Às 6:17 em 19 abril 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...
Hello, my angel! I am passing here to desire a happy end of week for you! I am going for the coast, Beach of the Fort, here close to Salvador. And you, what it goes to make in this end of week? Kiss!

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