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Joana Eler
  • 38, Feminino
  • Deerfield Beach, Fl
  • Estados Unidos
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Where I'm from:
Rio de Janeiro but live in Florida U.S and will be moving to Vitoria/E.S in a few years.
Friends and practice my english.
Nível de inglês:
I live in Sunny Florida for 8 years. I just love this place. I'm planning on returning to Brazil in about 2 years. I just got married to the best person in the world. My hubby is just all i could ask for. Since it's been so long that I haven't been in Brazil, can any of you help me in letting me know how is everything in terms of jobs and way of living? I'll be going to Espirito Santo, Vitoria (where my husband is from). Thanks in advance. Look forward in talkin to u all. :)

Caixa de Recados (20 comentários)

Às 16:13 em 29 abril 2008, wanderson disse...
Hi there how u doing?
i just went to miami last month was nice over there i leave in MASS you know what i mean cold and cold but is getting better now warming up a little . but so if you want to be a friend just add me..

see ya....
Às 17:06 em 29 abril 2008, Heron disse...
well, been here for the past 4 years.
how about you!
my msn is
add so we can chat!
Às 12:17 em 30 abril 2008, wanderson disse...
Well I don't know yet but if i could i would go now rsrs but i have to finish my house still may be the next two year as well
who knows.
you know we all here make a plans but who that drive us life is God so will see.

about you, you like to live in here? florida is good place to spent money hah ....have a great day

see ya...
Às 12:28 em 30 abril 2008, Rafael Ferreira de Freitas disse...
i'm from rio de janeiro too..

Às 13:10 em 10 maio 2008, André Rodolfo disse...
hi Joana, how are you?
I´m André, I live in Campinas SP. I add you with friend ok??
Às 15:27 em 13 maio 2008, wanderson disse...
HI there.....sorry for delay but I haven't been in the net for a while but any ways....i'm from ipatinga MG, and you? where you from in brasil? thanks for add me as you friend....

if have anything wrong with my english fell free to let me know so...we'll kill two birds with one stone I'm mean leaning and make friends....

see you later.
Às 13:41 em 20 maio 2008, Marco Aurélio disse...
Às 8:37 em 21 maio 2008, Marco Aurélio disse...
Hey... how are you doing Joana ???
I'm novice here and i'll try to make new friends to trainning my english.
with you have Skype, fell free to add me at there!

Tks to answer me!
Às 14:31 em 21 maio 2008, Marco Aurélio disse...
Ow yes, it's very good. enjoy!
Ok...I'm felling free, you also fell free to ask me anything. Yes, I'm Dj here in Sao paulo. If you want to add me on MSN no problem.

Às 17:50 em 22 maio 2008, baiano disse...

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