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7 Emotional Stages Of Wanting To Dress For Fall When It's Still Hot Outside

Postado em 31 agosto 2015 às 3:34 0 Comentários

There's nothing quite like the frustration of wanting to dress for fall when it's still summer over by your neck of the woods. Autumn's arrival seems to happen almost overnight. Without us being ready for it, pumpkin spice lattes take over pink lemonades, heavy wools and suedes replace white sheers, and patio sangria pitchers are cashed in for tumblers of maple bourbon. All this is happening while the thermometer in your backyard is stubbornly hovering over the 90 degree mark. You scowl at…


5 tips for wedding gift giving

Postado em 26 agosto 2015 às 22:46 0 Comentários

Have a couple of brides and grooms to shop for this wedding season? Knowing how much to spend and what to buy can often be a challenge.

Here’s our list of the top tips to master wedding gift giving.

1. Stick to the registry

Always check the wedding invitation or website to see if the bride and groom you’re buying for has a wedding gift registry to eliminate the chance of buying them something they don’t need or want. We get it, you want to be creative, but according to…


Kelly Osbourne Says She Would Consider ‘Fashion Police’ Return If ‘Certain People Weren’t There’

Postado em 24 agosto 2015 às 2:13 0 Comentários

“I want that show to go on. It was just my time to move on,” Osbourne tells TheWrap at 4th Annual NYX FACE Awards in L.A.

When E!’s “Fashion Police” returns Aug. 31 for the MTV Video Music Awards, Kelly Osbourne says she’ll be rooting for the show to succeed. But there’s one person on the fashion panel who won’t exactly have her support.

“I will never admit to liking Giuliana [Rancic] because I don’t. I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar,” Osbourne told…


No big fat Indian wedding is complete without lots of gold

Postado em 20 agosto 2015 às 22:14 0 Comentários

You know a wedding's big when it doesn't just break the bank -- it sways global markets.

There are up to 20 million weddings a year in India, and while no two relationships are the same, all will have one thing in common.

Gold -- and lots of it. So much of the precious metal in fact, that it can influence the price of gold around the world.

"No wedding in India is complete without gold," explains Vithika Agarwal, co-founder of Divya Vithika Wedding Planners, in…


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