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Nottingham UK
Language learning
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Caixa de Recados (34 comentários)

Às 19:13 em 22 outubro 2007, Kiri disse...
Hi, if you want to practise your English contact me and we can try some e-mail/skype exchange. I want to be able to speak Portugese. I have plenty of experience teaching children with no English, and I'd like to see how well I can help adults learn.
Às 10:51 em 23 outubro 2007, Christopher O'Donnell disse...
Kiri -

Hey thanks for your nice words about the TLBlog, it means a lot. I am sure you will get a lot of practice from the members.

Anything i can do let me know. And thanks for being generous and trying to help teach english!

very best,
Às 22:54 em 28 outubro 2007, Luciano Honorato disse...
Que bom você ter lembrado de mim, também espero te encontrar para um bom bate papo. Fica com Deus!
Às 13:10 em 16 novembro 2007, Chiquita disse...
Hello! How are you? Do you have MSN? If you do, could you send your adress to me? See you
Às 18:17 em 25 novembro 2007, Brazil´s Lion disse...
Oh good, If you have msn please add me to your list I think that I can help you as much as I can I like to learn English and it will be a great pleasure to teach you portuguese I need you, you need me, togueter we are going to be good translatiers. English to Português, Português e Ingles...
(please correct my mistkes and replay me) Lion ...a big hug..
Às 18:28 em 25 novembro 2007, Brazil´s Lion disse...
I was working on Sunday That is why I did not come but send me some e-mail and let me now When you are online I have good plans to improve your portuguese right. My msn is
Às 20:17 em 25 novembro 2007, Linny Goulart disse...
Hi Kiri.

This is my MSN:

You can add me and then, I can practise my English with you and you can practise your Portuguese with me, okay?

Às 10:24 em 29 novembro 2007, Brazil´s Lion disse...
Ola amigo, como vc esta? Foi legal o nosso pequeno bate papo no msn, eu gostaria de falar com mais vezes.
Hello Friend, how are you? It was cool our chat on msn, I would like to talk with you mor often.
Às 0:22 em 17 dezembro 2007, Milena Serro disse...
Hello Kiri,
How you doing? I´ve heard that you want to learn portuguese... I´m interested in swap classes with you... Actually, I could teach your portuguese and sometime we could just chat a little bit in english.
I´ve lived for almost two years in UK and now that I´m back in Brazil, I miss speaking english every day a lot!!!
Hope to hear from you,
Às 15:02 em 22 dezembro 2007, Brazil´s Lion disse...
Hey , você sumiu por onde andas?

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