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Where I'm from:
Santa Maria - RS - Brasil
I´d like to make friends, and to improve my english skills.
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (5 comentários)

Às 8:50 em 28 março 2008, Luis disse...
Olá pessoas.

Tenho interesse em aprender a conversar em inglês. Gosto de coisas tipo bike, computers, aviation, air traffic control, soccer, travelling, etc..

Quem quiser pode me add no msn e skype...

Às 2:53 em 2 abril 2008, Marcelo Lobo disse...
I'm Just looking for friends here, hope you don't mind!
Às 12:04 em 2 abril 2008, Marcelo Lobo disse...
cool! My skype is Marcelo Silva Lobo Soares

I'ts my full name as you can see, and answering your question: Yes, I had a great abroad experience specializing in british english in London. for 6 months last year(You can check some of my favorite photos in my page)

I hope we can practice using skype, the thing is that these couple of days I'll be busy at my university, handling some papers... But very soon I'll be able to spend some quality time with you guys at these incredible idea(this site).
What about you my friend, Have you had any experience abroad or do you intend to?

That's all for now, cheers!
Às 19:55 em 6 abril 2008, Luis disse...
I don´t have any plans to travel abroad soon, but..who knows the future?

I would like to travel, and know other countries and cultures, but it costs money, and for now i can´t afford that.

Maybe, in the future, i´ll have a chance to live abroad for 2 years, working on a brasilian embassy, and i want to learn english to be prepared for it, if it happens. The possibility exists.

On june, i´ll english classes for 5 weeks, 6 hours per day, in Rio de Janeiro, at UNIFA - Universidade da Força Aérea. It´s a intermediate level.

Feel free to make corrections on my comment.

Às 14:23 em 11 abril 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hello. Nice to meet you too. Exactly, we have beautiful beaches. When are you coming here in Fortaleza? see you....

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