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  • 60, Masculino
  • Estados Unidos

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Hello I would love to help you with your English! My best Marc

Postado em 6 junho 2009 às 12:29 4 Comentários

I would love to help you with your English!
My best
Marc Continuar

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Às 13:25 em 7 maio 2009, Diego Cristian da Silva disse...
Hi Marc Orejuela
Nice to meet you
I study English little time
I want to practice this language with you
do you like to live in USA??
how are you??
Às 22:38 em 5 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hellow my friend,
How are you?
add me.
Às 17:17 em 6 junho 2009, Diego Cristian da Silva disse...
Hello friend
Do you have skype or msn?
my skype is Diego Cristian da Silva
my msn is
add ok
have a nice weekend
What do you have to do in United States on weekends?
becouse in Brazil don't have anything rsrsrs
Às 19:27 em 6 junho 2009, Carlos Alexandre disse...
I just added you. My skype is: xandfsa. See you.
Às 20:06 em 6 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Well... I´m 27 years old, I´m single and I live with my mother and my brothers and sister. I´m a eletronics tecnichian and I have a normal life.
I´m a english student and, I´m at the begining, So, sorry for my mistakes.
If you don´t understand anything, I try to explain other otherwise.
And you, How was your trip to brasil?
Do you like here?
Brasil is very good, it has your probelms, but it´s very good,
and there? What is city like?
How much do you like it?
Well, I have to go now.
bye, have a nice week.
Às 20:44 em 6 junho 2009, ze carlos disse...
my name is carlos
i woold like you help me , becouse I'm in london and I need talk inglish.
I houpe so andertend me,and help me.
see you later
Às 21:57 em 7 junho 2009, Allan Vinicius Zerunian Pretti disse...
Thanks for your compliment
I´m me struggling the maximum for learning best my English..
But, tell me if need of help in Português I m here..
Nice to meet you..God bless always you..
good night and good week
hugs buddy! ^^
Às 17:19 em 8 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Yes, I did.
I´m happy that you answer my mensages and I´m happy that you understanded my mensages.
Tank you very much.
So, Where in Brasil did you visit?
I think that you speak portuguese too. rsrsrsrsrs
Very good, if you can help you in anything with portugese, just talk.
Help me?
Well, if you correct me, I will be happy.
I´m learning a lot when I´m trying to understand your mensages
I can understand everything.
Anything I can´t, but I´m trying.
I appreciate if you keep sending them.
Now a little bit portuguese. rsrsrsrsrs
Olá meu amigo, eu estou feliz em conhecer você.
Você é muito legal.
Se você não entender alguma coisa do que eu falo em portugues ou em inglês, me avise e eu tento te explicar de outra maneira. tudo bem?
Now, I have to go at college.
Tanks !
bye, bye
Until next time.
hugs buddy.
Às 22:32 em 9 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hellow my friend,
What happend that did not you send mensage?
I´m missing them
All right, You must be busy
No problem, I understand
If you know a site of relationship where you live there can give me, then can give talk to more locals, but do not foget me.
All right my friend, I have to go sleep.
It´s 11:30 pm here
I made test at the college today and I´m going to work tomorrow moning.
hugs for you and everybody there too.
Have a nice week
until next time.
Às 11:47 em 10 junho 2009, SANDRA REGINA PINHEIRO disse...
Hello Marc... How it's going?

Nice to meet you...

So... I live in Edmonton.
I'm learning English about 5 months and until now I had not learned much, yet.
But I would like learn practicing with other peoples, even by website.

best regards and have a nice week, see you later!

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