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Marcelo Moreira
  • Masculino
  • Minas Gerais
  • Brasil

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Where I'm from:
São João Del Rei - MG
Pratice English and meet Friends.
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Caixa de Recados (7 comentários)

Às 20:45 em 6 agosto 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hi, dear Marcelo! Nice to meet you!
We can friends!
We to stdudy English together!
A friend is important fo me in all the moments!
Friends forever! A hug, my friend! Add my msn:
Às 10:38 em 12 agosto 2008, VANESSA disse...
Hello dear...How are you doing? I just wish you a nice week!!!!See you!!!
Às 8:53 em 19 agosto 2008, VANESSA disse...
Hello Dear, how are u? You asked me about what do I do.....Acttualy, I`m studing English in Boston and working so hard to pay my school...rsrsrsrsrs
And you? What do you do? Where do you live? What`s your hobby? Tel me more about you....
So long! Hugs!
Às 13:44 em 14 setembro 2008, VANESSA disse...
Hi Marcelo, what's up!!! So, I forgot to tell you about my routine in Boston...rrsrsrs, but there is nothingelse that you want to know, because my rotine had been worked a lot and study a litle bit...
Sorry if my writing is not correctly...write in english is so hard to me...rsrsrsrs
So, I've some pictures im my orkut on the web...look for me in there to see some pictures of here...I went to Six Flags last week and I did a Harvard English test yesterday, so you will be albe to see some places here in the orkut. But there is just some pictures right...rsrsrs
I see you there...look for kitoenessa or vanessa MA...Sorry but I never look for me in there and I really don't know how to do it....
Às 17:40 em 19 novembro 2008, VANESSA disse...
Hello Marcelo, how long no see you dear!!! How are you doing?
I`m not to bad...rsrsrsrsrs I`m just exhausted......but I`ve no complain about it...just to let you know...rsrsrsrsr . Actually I`he been study a lot , and my jobs are lilling me. I have no time to myself`s the worse part, but I think I will be better. I Hope So! I`m doing to english schools and 2 jobs, so you can imagine...
And yourself? What`s happening to you? Did you find me on Orkut? I have never seen you on msn...maybe because I`m not there to, of course, but is true. Tell me about yourself, your plans, activities, intends...It`s my curiosity, sorry!
So, I gotta go now! I see you later ok?!!!!
Às 13:53 em 31 dezembro 2008, Patricia Melo disse...
Às 19:54 em 21 janeiro 2009, VANESSA disse...
Hi Marcelo....first of all, Hapy New Year!!!! wish you a wonderful 2009!!!
Secondly, I didn't answered you before because I didn't have enough time to access my msn...sorry about it! But, I promisse you, I'll try to find it out!
You told me that you're studing Acounting and Science of Computer...really: You are a hero!!! I'm trying to keep up with my 2 jobs and English School, but I need to confess that it's to much for me, I can't hold this situation any more....I'm having a hard time because I'm trying to finish my course but I could not do it now....I'm almost there!!! I can not give up's too late!!! But...I'll win, I'm fighting for this! I hope find you soon on the msn or orkut...Is nice have friends like you and practice the English......
Have fun!!!!
See you!!!

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