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Where I'm from:
I want comunicate with others people what like speak english and learn more about this language. Please, help me... and have friends is very good. Thank you!Bye.
Nível de inglês:
There are much interesting video in the youtube. How for exemple: Half butterfly face design and an other Butterfly face painting tutorial, both of the teachers are teaching how do the draw. It's a good moment to listen to the prepositions, phrasal verbs and several collocations.

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Caixa de Recados (4 comentários)

Às 10:13 em 31 janeiro 2008, David A. Bailey, Jr disse... name is David. Sou de Orlando, Florida.
Sou professor de inglês aqui em Maranhão.
Estou buscando fazer novas amizades.
Me adicione!
Um Forte Abraço,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. Se quiser me conhecer mais visite:
Meu Site:
Meu Blog:
Meu Orkut:
Às 12:34 em 6 março 2008, Rodrigo Bahiense disse...
Hello my new friend Maria. How is it going?
I enjoy your willing to face a new language. I have been studying English for 8 months and finally I started a course in a Wise UP school. I'm from Rio de Janeiro and there are many kinds of courses here. I really think that the most important thing for improve our English as a second language is conversation and i have been trying to do it.
How about your life? I supposed you need the same things that i need. Let's exchange experience ok?
Às 16:45 em 14 março 2008, Rodrigo Bahiense disse...
Hello Mary!

I'm a graphic designer. I work as a webdesigner in a italian mobile company.

Your daughter made a great choose. It's a very beautiful career and in the future will be essential on the broadcasting e internet.

What kind of area is interesting for her? Webdesign?

My wife work in a bank Caixa Econômica, and we don´t have kids yet, but we like it so much. :)

On the last week i had a english test and i passed. Thanks Lord!

bye and hugs
Às 13:34 em 5 abril 2009, justino mendonça disse...
Please could you add me for improve our English ,I hope a wonderful day

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