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Where I'm from:
São Paulo (city)/ Brazil
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Caixa de Recados (26 comentários)

Às 12:50 em 12 abril 2008, newman2234 disse...
Hi Mayra. Nice to hear from you. We can definitely try to practice English and Portuguese sometime. Do you have skype? Look for me sometime. My name is Newman2234 on skype as well.
Às 17:21 em 12 abril 2008, jadilson disse...
Em 5:19pm em April 12th, 2008, jadilson disse...
hello Mayra
I've just seen you as a member of my verde amarelo group and I Just don't remember about you.
You're a very good looking young lady, and I'm pretty happy having you here.
Drop me a line and let us try to be closer. Remove Comment
Às 23:12 em 12 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Mayra,

Great to hear from you and thanks for extending your hand in friendship. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and helping with english.
Are you presently residing in the UK ? or have your returned to Brazil? I live both in the US and Europe.

Às 20:07 em 13 abril 2008, Wander Bretas Mendes Júnior disse...
could you add me as a friend? just to pratice your language and maybe us friendship became huge. can be? One day i intent go to NY. Add me.
Às 9:29 em 14 abril 2008, Rodrigo disse...
Tell me your msn or skype id, and i'll certainly add you!

Let's practice =]~
Às 11:50 em 14 abril 2008, Ricardo disse...
Hey Mayra!

I'm pretty good.
How's it going?

I hope everything's fine

Have a nice day

Às 19:13 em 15 abril 2008, Carlos Jr disse...
Hi !
Would you like be my friend ?
Às 9:44 em 17 abril 2008, Tiago disse...
Hiiii im fine !! and you ?? my english is not so good but
we can chat each other !! Give me news !bye !!
Às 7:32 em 19 abril 2008, Carlos Jr disse...
Hi, how are you ?
I would like talk to yout, give me your msn or google talk.
Às 19:00 em 19 abril 2008, jadilson disse...
hello, thanks for replying me. I hope we grow great friends.

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