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Where I'm from:
Brazil/ Virginia The USA
I like to meet new people
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (8 comentários)

Às 16:26 em 10 maio 2008, wellington disse...
hi, do you live aut of Brazil ? How is everything there ?

let´s try learn English ..are you ons th USA for studying?


Às 12:20 em 11 maio 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hello, Michele!
I am teacher of Portuguese Language, Mathematics for adults and work too with children in five school hare in Salvador - Bahia.
I would of be its friend. Can I?
You have the joy of the angels in its look!
Kiss in its heart!
Às 13:22 em 23 maio 2008, joe disse...
hi u doing
pretty girl .
I hope talk to u someday
do u gonna to brazilian day 2008???

xo xo
see you
Às 6:14 em 19 junho 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hi, Michele! Nice to meet you!
I am happy for to be my friend!
My friends are important for me!
Let's to study together, to develop together our english.
It adds my msn:
Kiss for you, dear Amanda!
Às 8:39 em 19 junho 2008, Fabio Araujo disse...
I'm chilling!!!
Do you wanted to say the picture of the La Coka Nostra?
Nice to meet you darling!!!!
Às 10:56 em 19 junho 2008, Fabio Araujo disse...
this kind of band is black metal, is a mix of Rap and Rock, do you like this?..................what kind of music do you like? long time do you live in USA?
I lived in London 1 year, i liked there, but i wish know USA, probably I'll go to USA in the next year to work and learn, but is not sure!!!!!!!!
Às 15:22 em 21 junho 2008, wellington disse...
Hi Michele, it´s really nice talking to you. When do you plan come back to Brazil? Remember you are welcome here, leave only the ugly girls to americans .... beautiful girls must come back.

Às 13:51 em 25 janeiro 2011, Dayane disse...

hi, Michele,...add me!


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