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Bem-vinda, Niss!

Informações do Perfil

Gostaria de apreender a idoma portuguesa ..
eu posso ajudar os gentes em ingles :)
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (16 comentários)

Às 15:04 em 17 março 2009, Guilherme disse...
Olá tudo bem?
O que você gostaria de aprender?

Às 17:48 em 17 março 2009, justino mendonça disse...
You don´t search me but I find you again please add me here too
I promisse I ´m not disturbi you
Às 0:48 em 18 março 2009, Matheus Couto disse...
Hi Niss :]
I'm new here ... May I add you as my friend ?
Às 9:40 em 18 março 2009, Thiago Roddys disse...
Ok, Niss!
ThankX for your help!
see u...

Às 11:17 em 18 março 2009, justino mendonça disse...
obrigado prometo não cansar sua beleza.abraços justino
You're Far eye but close to my heart.
Às 18:59 em 18 março 2009, Matheus Couto disse...
Nice! :]
So, what do you do ? I graduated in Software Development, but I work for a oil company. I used to work off shore ... It's my first week working on land ...
Would you like to keep a conversation in portuguese ? I can help you ...

Às 9:29 em 19 março 2009, Guilherme disse...
Bom Dia, Niss Tudo bem?
Thanks for add me...I need learn english, but I don't Know how to begin.Can you help me?
Às 16:27 em 6 abril 2009, Paty disse...
Hello Niss!
I´m learning english and i need help!
Let me know if you need me for learn to portuguese, ok?
see you.
Às 22:59 em 6 abril 2009, Diogo Sousa Nunes disse...
Noticed you say to be interested to learn the Portuguese language and some observations should be observed:
Every language has features you can find it difficult and I do not. And vice versa. But learning any language reasonably takes on average about 5 years, is "easier" and "more difficult". Has some simple and others more complex. Has the most and least similar to the language.

In an English class, a student will quickly save a lot of irregular verbs in the past but will find very difficult to pronounce the "th" while another will say the man, and combine all of this because you can not remember neither the verb to be.

Forget 2 +2 = 4, language has nothing to exact. Most of the questions that is on the learning of languages can only be answered with "depends".

Sorry for my English... and... NICE TO MEET YOU
Às 8:46 em 8 abril 2009, Ricardo disse...
Good morning,
Thanks for add!
I am very happy!
What is your msn?
Have a beautiful week!
kisses ... beautiful friend!

Ricardo 08/04/2009 09:47AM

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