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Às 17:55 em 9 março 2008, Rafael Vetucci disse...
hello Ricardo, can't we're friends?
Às 23:07 em 11 abril 2008, Mayra disse...
Hi, Ricardo. How are you?
Às 23:16 em 18 abril 2008, Mayra disse...
Hi, Ricardo. Nice to hear from you. I am glad because I have found this website where i can practice my English and make friends too. That´s why I am here. I visited Curitiba twice some years ago. It is really pretty and clean. Have you been in S.Paulo?
Sorry, for aswering only today, but i have been busy at work.
You can correct me if you see something wrong. I don´t mind. I want to learn more and more.
Às 16:11 em 20 abril 2008, Mayra disse...
I´m fine, tks.So tell me: what do you do (job)? Have you finished the college? I gratuated myself in Advertising in 2003. Now, I ´ve just found a job at a Publishing House. What about u?
Às 14:35 em 18 maio 2008, Fábio Ferreira de Santana disse...
Hi guy, my name is Fábio I would like to improve my English, would you like to be my friend and to share our knowledge?
Às 21:18 em 20 maio 2008, Mayra disse...
Ricardo: I am sorry i couldn´t answer you before. But, I have found a job and tha´s why i have been so busy. Don´t worry, it is going to take more time, but i can answer you anyway.

What are you studying?

Às 8:12 em 22 maio 2008, Fábio Ferreira de Santana disse...
Thanks, dude for added me. Thus, we can exchange suggestions and ideas about the English language.
Have a great holiday and weekend
Às 7:44 em 25 junho 2008, Vasco disse...
I would like to practice my english and if's possible learn more with new friends. Could u add me please?

This is my MSN:
Have a nice day weet!
Às 17:27 em 25 junho 2008, Rafael Vetucci disse...
That good , i'm fine and you ?
Às 17:30 em 25 junho 2008, Rafael Vetucci disse...
Can I you add?

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