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Richard Of England
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  • Manchester, Lancashire
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Informações do Perfil

Where I'm from:
Manchester, England
I play badminton
Cooking (Spicy and hot, hot, hot!)
Walking with my dog
I watch Football!
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (25 comentários)

Às 19:58 em 14 novembro 2008, Barbara disse...
Thank you for accepting my invitation, I hope to learn much here, because I am learning a lot from you.
Às 7:09 em 15 novembro 2008, Elaine Britto disse...
HI RICHARD...would do you like to be my friend..but,even though my ingles
is msn is:
Às 7:09 em 15 novembro 2008, Elaine Britto disse...
heave nice weekend....
Às 9:46 em 15 novembro 2008, Marcelo disse...
Hello! me also taste of sports, however my ideal at this time is to learn to speak English, greetings.
Às 21:45 em 22 novembro 2008, Patricia Abreu disse...
Hello Richard
How are you? I would like to be your friend, May you add me?
Thank you
Às 8:44 em 24 novembro 2008, Marcelo disse...
Às 12:38 em 27 novembro 2008, Gaby disse...
Hello!!!! I'm sorry Richard, but I don't teaching english, I'm studying, study english here, in england. I need pratice...rsrsrsrs. Can be friends??????
Nice to meet you.
Às 13:36 em 5 dezembro 2008, joão alves disse...
hi ! how are you ? I'm selfstudent and I would like to practice my english with you and i think i'm begenner of couse !!!but i need to know how are my nivel now and the next year i gonna to back study just studied one year a long time a go!!! by the way i dont know how type of english is mine!!! do have skype ?( my is joão alves or jalwes) add me.Thanks very much !!!
Às 17:42 em 13 dezembro 2008, Matheus Giannoni disse...
Hello Richard! Would you like be my new friend?
I´m from Brazil and I,m learning inglish!
add me!
Às 18:20 em 13 dezembro 2008, Rinaldo disse...
hows going budy.
can you tell me when the winter over in london

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