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Where I'm from:
I´m from SP - Brasil
To learn English, Make friendship, To know another places, To know another cultures.
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (111 comentários)

Às 10:52 em 6 junho 2009, Allan Vinicius Zerunian Pretti disse...
Hi, how are you?
I talked with you in chat
Me add please ok?
has one good end of week ..
God bless
take care
hugs buddy!
Às 12:27 em 6 junho 2009, Marc Orejuela disse...
Hello my friend... I am back in Chicago after my trip to Brazil and Argentina. It was fun!
Tell me about you....
My best
Às 22:15 em 6 junho 2009, Allan Vinicius Zerunian Pretti disse...
Hi, nice to meet...
I m learning English the seven days ago..
before not knew nothing of English.. started recently the study!
want to improve my English as you .. I m here if you need of any thing..only me call!!
hugs.. good night.. God bless you greatly
until the next..
Às 15:47 em 7 junho 2009, SANDRA REGINA PINHEIRO disse...
Hi dear...
So... I'm Brazilian as you... rsss
But I'm living in Canada about two years.
Not Problem 4 adcc me.
Welcome to my friends list,
See you letter, take care!
Às 21:08 em 7 junho 2009, Marc Orejuela disse...
Thank you very much for telling me about you and your family. Your English is very good and I understood everything you wrote. Nothing to worry, ok?
I live in Chicago and Chicago is such a beautiful city. Maybe some day you can come and visit. I love Brazil...I go to Brazil every year and it feels like my second home. My Brazilian friends say that I am a "Brasileiro de Carteirinha"!!!!
Let me know how I can help you with your English, ok?
Until the next time.
Às 11:39 em 8 junho 2009, Kamilla disse...
Hello Robson.
Yeah, we have goals in common ^^
Oh, don't worry about it.
If you need some help, just tell me :)

Kisses =*
Às 14:48 em 8 junho 2009, Marc Orejuela disse...
Did you receive my message I left you yesterday?
Às 15:54 em 9 junho 2009, Andreia Cristina Dantas disse...
Hi Robson, I am good. How about you?
Of course I can talk to you..
The only problem is that I don`t often see this web site. But I will try.
By the way, your English is very well, and I am glad that you can understand me..

Às 16:16 em 9 junho 2009, Kamilla disse...
Hello Robson !
No problem, I answer your questions.

Well... I'm 16 years old, I'm studying yet (but I'm looking for a job) and I'm from Guarulhos - SP.
I do an english course and an administration course.
Currently, I'm teaching english to a friend of mine ^^ (his grades at school are very bad, so he asked my help).
Yeah... I think that's it :)

Have a nice week !
Kisses =*
Às 18:29 em 9 junho 2009, Andreia Cristina Dantas disse...
Hi Robson, No problem…… If you have any question. You can ask. Don`t worry about.
Wilton is a small town in Connecticut, but is an hour from NYC. I just need to take a train. But you need to have a car, because the public transportation is awful. Wilton looks like a jungle, there are a lot of tree on the street.
I am an au pair (babysitter). It`s a program. I live with an American family. I have been here for 14 months, but I will stay more 10 months.
Tell me about you….
Take care…

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