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Sarah Negreiros
  • 33, Feminino
  • Brasil
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"Never Depressive, Sometimes Agressive, Always Progressive!"

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Where I'm from:
Brazil - Manaus/AM
Learn English... and meet new friends

my email: (orkut)
See ya around!

Recuse imitações!! =D
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No Surprises, Please!!

Postado em 16 abril 2008 às 13:12 0 Comentários

What is wrong?
I'm just Killing time... with lollipops and crisps
But it isnt so funny if you hate waiting!
Confused more and more each day...

Who Cares?

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Caixa de Recados (38 comentários)

Às 11:09 em 18 abril 2008, cristiano disse...

It was on the beach in this photo, where?

Lugar very beautiful.
Às 13:52 em 18 abril 2008, s2. MIMI.s2 disse...
hello !!!! eu sou iniciante não sei falar muito bem
Às 14:55 em 18 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
Yes, I love traveling and know well Salvador , Flamengo beach is great for very glorious and beautiful people in the vicinity knew the beaches of Stella Maris and Alleluia among others that I know are of Beaches siren, and Itapuã Piatã and virtually all points of tourist Salvador.
I love the pillory the night, get everything right, it is not?

Às 17:35 em 18 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
And I do not know, but know and love your state and spend many days, so that I know is wonderful too, only know the airport of way.
Always work in Idaho, and the challenges of the parents.
As for my status is wonderful place to have each only been known even to believe.

It has other pictures of places visited by you? Remove Comment
Às 21:06 em 18 abril 2008, mari disse...
how are you??
I would like talk ensgish with you!!!
vi seu msn e vou te adicionar ok?!?!???
kisses......bye =*
Às 14:06 em 22 abril 2008, kakal disse...
Hello! I'm news here, and love the meet and make freinds, would' you like add me?? I never been in or states but i thniks is very interresting and beautiful. I live in SJC Sao Paulo. I'd talk about de english, sport by the way...I've been playing sports all my life. Did you like sport? I hope you have a very nice day. hugs Marcia
Às 16:15 em 22 abril 2008, Osmar disse...
I would like of to be your friend.
Learn English...
Às 16:58 em 22 abril 2008, Osmar disse...
my msn
Às 11:50 em 28 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
Hiii Sara Raquel

That's fine with you?

Today I will comment that their pictures were very pretty to Natal-RN where I spent a few days and quite liked the beaches of Ponta Negra, Pirangi and Elbow and the bridge when they were building.
In the photo of Recife you were on the beach of PINA around Good Trip is not it?
Bet that worshipped, is a place very good, also liked the other points of Recife-PE as former Recife, Olinda and many cities of this state.
When the much travelled Brazil, and lack even know
Roraima, Manaus, Acre, Mato Grosso, Porto Alegre and Santa Catarina but I will know.

Hugs for you
Às 13:00 em 28 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
Sara I submit that any sentence for me, now must try this site

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