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Music, Records, Art, Culture
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Anyone know where to find old records (Vinyl) in Sao Paulo?

Hello, I am visiting Brazil for the first time this February. I plan on staying at the Casa Club Hostel, and I am hoping to learn more about Brazilian music while I am there. I have a decent collection of vinyl records from Brazil and I am hoping to buy some more. I do not speak much, if any Brazilian Portuguese, but I would love to learn and would also be happy to help any Brazilians out with their English!

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Às 1:22 em 6 dezembro 2008, joão alves disse...
Hey man wellcome to "iva"!!! If you want i would like to practice english with you i dont write very good and my grammar is not so good !!!! But I want to learn english and I would like to be fluent someday I hope soon!!! thanks guy have nice day!!! by the way correct me and i'm wrong ok?
Às 13:00 em 6 dezembro 2008, Kirsten disse...
Hey! So I see you're going to Brazil this february, where are you going to be? Portuguese is a really cool language -- I'm actually going to study abroad in Brazil next semester. If you want any help with learning some Portuguese or practicing the bit that you know I'd be more than willing to help out and spread the love of Portuguese and Brazil haha. Good luck!
Às 7:58 em 26 dezembro 2008, eliezio higino pereira disse...
Hello Taylor Richards.
I am Eliezio. I am from Brasil.I study English about six month at the UNICORP.
I speak portuguese and I like English language.
See you.
Às 8:04 em 26 dezembro 2008, eliezio higino pereira disse...
Olá Taylor Richards.
Eu sou Eliezio. Eu sou do Brasil. Eu estudo inglês cerca de seis meses na UNICORP.
Eu falo português e gosto da lingua inglesa.
Vejo você.
Às 18:26 em 15 fevereiro 2009, jhony bianch disse...
Hi guy!!! I'm a musician I play guitar and I love music too. well! I'd' like to be your friend, and to exchange some ideas about music and english, I need to practice my english, I can help you also with português the way! do you know "Cabo frio"? I live there it's a beautiful place. my address is if you add me, I'll be so happy ok, see you hugs...

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