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Where I'm from:
rio de janeiro - Brasil
Make new friends, swich experiences about differents languages and improve even more my english.
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Caixa de Recados (16 comentários)

Às 18:22 em 26 maio 2009, Roger Mello disse...
Eu que agradeço a recepção! Mas seu inglês deve já estar ótimo...nada melhor que morar em outro país e conhecer profundamente o idioma!!!.Boa semana e sucesso aí!
Às 6:51 em 27 maio 2009, Tiago Miguel Martins Pinto disse...
Obrigado pela disponibilidade.O meu ingles tá um bocado fraco e acho que seras uma boa ajuda. abraço
Às 12:02 em 27 maio 2009, Roger Mello disse...
Thanks your response dear!
When we help others people, sure, It become better to us!!!
Congragulations, have a great Weekend!
Às 22:14 em 28 maio 2009, Roger Mello disse...
I'm fine here, the winter is aproaching fast... but I like cold weather. hahahaha
It is time to begin gain money, because the summer permit that people to get so happy!!! I already heard about it...
How long time are you there? What are you doing? What do you like to do?
Good time!!!
Às 11:28 em 29 maio 2009, francisco silva vieira disse...
hey man!!i,m good and you?
and thanks for adding me as your friend here too!!!
i hope you are well!!!
it,ll be very nice to have you as friend here!!!
see ya!!!!
and thanks for Aligator LOL!!!!
Às 11:32 em 29 maio 2009, Roger Mello disse...
Great opportunity you had in Europa... very nice...
I like those clothes that you sell, I'm salesman too, but I work with female shoes and accessories, I like to do it.
I don't practice physical exercises today, I like walking and running on the street, but I already played football and baskestball. I'm thinking to swim after august. Let's see what I go to do!!! hahaha.
I would like to stud english language to teach here in Brazil, but after my graduate I would like go to some country with native language to learn better... I go to think about it slowly.
Today is Friday...I like this day... Today we can to enjoy and drink some!!!
What are you thinking to do tonight?

God bless your weekend!!!
Roger Mello
Às 14:41 em 29 maio 2009, francisco silva vieira disse...
ok, man!!! thanks a lot!!
you are a nice person!!!!
i think that i will need much helping anyway!!!!!
cos i,m not fluent in english yet!!! i have some troubles!!
ah you like to joking heheheheh
Às 14:46 em 29 maio 2009, francisco silva vieira disse...
what do you do in Belgium ?
Às 15:45 em 29 maio 2009, francisco silva vieira disse...
wow!!!!!!!!! it,s a bit complicated by there, you know?
yeah it,s all right by here buddy!!!
see ya!!!! hugs
Às 19:03 em 29 maio 2009, Roger Mello disse...
Happy birthday to you... and then you will have party on monday!!! It's good. You will go receive a lot of gifts and mensages. God bless you!!!
I think you're correct on that explanation about course another country. It's my dream and I will accomplish it, I hope so.
And about mistakes... I get shy, because I don't know to write correctly...sorry! You don't worry yourself, I learn with yours words. Thanks!

Hey... enjoy on Monday, good party and excelent barbecue to you and guests!!!
Great weekend, hugs..
Roger Mello

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