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Caixa de Recados (4 comentários)

Às 16:07 em 22 abril 2008, Osmar disse...
hi, my name is Osmar, I would like of to be your friend.
Às 12:57 em 25 abril 2008, David A. Bailey, Jr disse...
Hey Tony,

Thanks for the comments. Learning English is a challenge...but learning in a place like this makes it fun.

Um Forte Abraço,
David A. Bailey, Jr
Inglês Online
Às 11:52 em 16 maio 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hello, my good friend! I am happy for considering me as its friend. We go to learn, we go to study and to develop this our English, so important in our days how much if to have a good friend!
Às 23:37 em 3 junho 2008, Tony Rodrigues disse...
It thinks about today as if I finish it was it of its lives and whenever it has time of speaking with that one that always in the ones of the attention when we are always pressisando Of it…
That GOD continues blessing each one of vocês…

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