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Where I'm from:
I'd like to make new friends and practice my english thru these tools we have avaliable here. I've been studying english for a long time, but i think it got a little "rusty" because I stopped practicing it for a while... so I'd like to restore what I've been missing! I'm not quite sure of what level I'm in, but I think that it really doesn't matter when you want to learn something..

*I love reading good books, studying hard, listening to music, singing (when nobody is watching, :P), going to the movies, watching cartoons, learning new stuff (specially new languages)..

See you folks around!

***If you wanna add me please leave a comment.
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Caixa de Recados (37 comentários)

Às 9:28 em 13 agosto 2008, Francis disse...
Ola..estou muito afim de aprender o inglês e gostaria que vc conpartilha-se se conhecimento comigo...m abraço...fique na paz...
Às 16:27 em 13 agosto 2008, Francis disse...
ola..o meu Inglês é básico...gostaria de prática-lo mas...uma abrço...
Às 22:06 em 13 agosto 2008, Joe Watanabe disse...
Hi Carolina! Nice to meet you. The paragraph that you wrote about yourself and your experience with English is really good. I've also heard that people from Brasilia speak the best Portuguese. Looking forward to speaking with you! Beijo
Às 19:38 em 17 agosto 2008, Rêgi disse...
i can be ur friend if u please!
Às 0:40 em 21 agosto 2008, Rafael Fernandes da Rosa disse...
Hello Carol, I am Rafael, I would like for new friends to practice my English. I don´t speak english very well, I count on your experience. Thanks.

A hug

Às 18:28 em 21 agosto 2008, fabio disse...
nossa carol show doleiii verry good vc tem msn passa ai
Às 10:28 em 22 agosto 2008, fabio disse...
eu falei que eu adorei seu perfilll vc tem msn manda ai ? kiss
Às 18:27 em 22 agosto 2008, Renata disse...
Hi Carolina
You like me to practice conversation in English?
I hope your answer
Às 0:25 em 23 agosto 2008, Renata disse...
Thank you for helping Carol
But I do not have skype, only msn, you have?
If I become your you that I add
So better way to talk and train our English
I hope your response
Às 8:14 em 24 agosto 2008, David Stephensen disse...
Hi Carolina

Many thanks for all of your wonderful comments in my blogs. It really encourages me to write more when I know that someone values the work.

I think the worst thing about British and Australian accents for you is the way we drop our Rs before a consonant and at the end of a word. In Portuguese, my friends always correct me because I drop my Rs in words like porta or gostar. Um blog pela minha amiga carioca que mora em Melbourne

Big hugs

[ ] = omit, bold = add

* rusty not dusty

* ... doing such [an] amazing work ... (work = obra is countable, work = trabalho is not countable) (could say 'amazing works' but obra is better for artwork, not lessons)

* ... expect an illiterate ..., ... these mistakes ...

* ... this is a good opportunity to expand ..., ... it's not common to have an australian...

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