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Fabio Campani
  • 42, Masculino
  • São Paulo
  • Brasil
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Where I'm from:
the hell city são paulo - brazil
friends, brazilian or not, improve my knowledge, practice my conversation, cause here i dont have anybody to practice with me. learn brazilians expressions in english, i am 28 year, work with web designer, i love soccer, and sports in general. we can be vey good friends!!!
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Caixa de Recados (11 comentários)

Às 22:07 em 20 fevereiro 2008, Christopher O'Donnell disse...
fala fabio!

hey man your english is great, way to go!

definitely stick around, and come visit this site often. There are lots of great people here who are very helpful, and I will keep making lots of videos.

take it easy,
Às 23:03 em 20 fevereiro 2008, Christopher O'Donnell disse...
stick around = 'ficar por aqui' eh um phrasal verb mesmo!
Às 7:46 em 21 fevereiro 2008, Aline disse...
hehe we're friends now
yes, we can help and improve our english talking each other

have a nice day!

Best regards
Às 17:13 em 27 fevereiro 2008, Carol disse...
my slkype is g.von.g
send me yours .then we can chat
Às 16:12 em 10 março 2008, David Stephensen disse...
Hi Fabio

Please read further down the blog. You will see that I talk about 'mentir' at the bottom. It has different grammar
Às 15:41 em 11 março 2008, David Stephensen disse...
Hi Fabio

I was responding to your comment on my blog "TO LIE and TO LAY" here in Verdeamarelo. You can find it on my page (or maybe also in the blog history on the vergeamarelo home page). If you can't find it, please tell me.
Às 16:59 em 22 março 2008, Juliana Ramalho disse...
Hi, welcome!!!
It will be a pleasure to be your friend and learn-partners... I'd also like improve my english... Have a nice weekend.
take care...
Às 19:46 em 19 julho 2008, gariston ferreira dos santos disse...
Hello Fabio! Let me introduce myself, I'm Gariston from Goiania. Can we practice English on msn?
Às 15:43 em 6 julho 2009, Sandro Oliveira Estevam disse...
Hi how are you? My name is Sandro. I'm beginner in English! Do you want to be my friend?

Take care!
Às 9:47 em 14 junho 2011, Juliana Ramalho disse...
Heyyy, sorry for take so long time to answer!!!
I appreciate the compliment. :)
Ohhh, my dog is really amazing!!!! But in fact it is my sister's dog!!!! I'm Auntie Owl, rs =D
Its name amoah!!!
So How are you? Any news?

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