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francisco silva vieira
  • Masculino
  • teresina,piaui
  • Brasil

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Where I'm from:
to learn english and meeting natives from language!!
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Caixa de Recados (39 comentários)

Às 11:43 em 13 maio 2009, Adriana Pinheiro disse...
Às 9:55 em 14 maio 2009, diego amaral da silva disse...
hello!!!!!!!!how are you?
Às 18:06 em 17 maio 2009, Déborah Ribeiro da Fontoura disse...
Hello!How are you?
Às 12:36 em 28 maio 2009, Edgard disse...
Hi, guy!
how are you?
Thank you for adding me as your friend!
Nice to meet you!
Keep 'n touch!
Às 18:52 em 28 maio 2009, Thiago da Cruz Oliveira disse...
hi there, I'm always at your disposal for everything you need about english doubts, by the way I still a lots of that....but anyway, thanks for add me here, it's nice to be in contact with people that desires more and more always. Pleased do meet you even when by here. take care mate!! See you later aligator...(some fun is always good)
Às 11:33 em 29 maio 2009, Edgard disse...
You're welcome, man!
See ya...
take care!
Às 14:10 em 29 maio 2009, Thiago da Cruz Oliveira disse...
my pleasure mate, I'll be here for whenever you need someone to talk, even when you don't alright? See you soon dude!!! take care... cheers big ears! (always joking)
Às 15:02 em 29 maio 2009, Thiago da Cruz Oliveira disse...
for awhile I'm studying ducth (holandes), working and living with my partner in belgium till I get my resident permission, cuz in holland they are extremelly strict about it, so we're trying it at Belgium cuz there are more flexible. and about you, tell me some alright? see ya!!
Às 16:32 em 1 junho 2009, Edgard disse...
Hello, buddy!
I'm very well, thanks!
How are you doing?
Hope all is fine!
Have a nice week...
See ya...
Às 16:45 em 2 junho 2009, Edgard disse...
Hi, guy!
I'm fine!!!
See you soon!
Take care...

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