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Where I'm from:
I'm from Goiania,Brazil
practice and learning English
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (71 comentários)

Às 19:22 em 17 março 2008, Rodrigo disse...
hello Gariston. I'm very happy for the comment. I wanna be your friend. Look, i'm learning english. My english is still horrible. I started my course of english one year ago. But i don't have been a good student, did you get it? so, i'm waiting your answer. God bless you. And forgive me my horrible english. hehehe. A big hug
Às 17:26 em 19 março 2008, denise costa disse...
Hi Gariston,Welcome to my group of friends!!!!
We can help each other now in English.
Kisses!! Stay in touch!
Às 16:12 em 20 março 2008, Rodrigo disse...
I added u dude. We can talk in english online now. hehehe
Às 23:01 em 20 março 2008, Múcio Cazarotti Faria disse...
ok, there is no any problem.
lets wait for oportunites!
Às 23:02 em 20 março 2008, Múcio Cazarotti Faria disse...
where do you study english?
which school?
Às 19:47 em 3 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Gariston,

Great to meet you.Thanks for extending your hand in friendship. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Do take care and enjoy the day.

Às 15:15 em 4 abril 2008, Claudia disse...
Yes I accept your invitation to be friends, thanks.
Às 22:21 em 8 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Gariston,

Thanks for your message. Indeed, I visited Brazil several years ago. I visited Boa Vista in Roraima and I really loved it.
I'm looking forward to visiting Brazil again; in fact I dream about it from time to time :-).
My schedule wouldn't allow for a visit for at lease another 1 or 2 years.
My knowledge of Portuguese is very limited. I"m trying to teach myself. Its always been a very difficult language for me learn but I'm determine to stick with it :-).
Do take Care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Às 13:35 em 25 abril 2008, Aline disse...
Hi Gariston,

thaks for you message.
yes, i wanna add you in MSN.

My english is too basic. I see that you write very well.

Às 17:34 em 28 abril 2008, Camila disse...
hi Gariston,
eu sou iniciante em ingles... e vi que vc deixou recados para outras pessoas falando em interesse de conversar em ingles pelo msn
eu me candidato! eahohioaeae
posso te add? :*

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