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Where I'm from:
to learn english with the british accent
Nível de inglês:

How I started studying English.

Hi, I'm Laor but people call me Junior, I'm from a mall city in the state of São Paulo Brazil. I first became interested in English for curiosity then started studying it by myself, after sometime I was already able to read some but still wasn't as proficient as I'd like so I started attending a private course which I still do now after two years.
One of the spanners in the works here is the fact that people don't use British dialects or accents only American, although they are not so much different from which, yet again, there are some important aspects that in my point of view are misled.
I like to read but I'm not an enthusiastic writer, I also like to watch films and to have good conversations.

Caixa de Recados (23 comentários)

Em 2:44pm on outubro 14, 2010, Tony Fernandes deu para laor batista de paula junior um presente...
Às 15:49 em 25 outubro 2010, Renata Christina disse...
hi laor,how's you going?thanks
i'm a little busy these days...and i'm using the livemoncha very often.
i hope we can talk again soon .
Às 13:35 em 25 novembro 2010, Renata Christina disse...
hi laor!are you ok?
hum..yeah i think it's a great idea .but as a told gustavo ,by now i'm very timeless.
as you can see we hardly ever meet each other here on verde e amarelo.but ,when i get more free time i'd love to talk to you ,ok?
hope see you soon...bye!
Às 12:00 em 6 dezembro 2010, Renata Christina disse...
well laor hope we can chat soon .i'm going to check out the site
Às 13:53 em 6 dezembro 2010, Paula Puertas disse...
Hi... I'm fine and you ?
Às 0:27 em 9 dezembro 2010, Ben Lewis disse...
Sure thing buddy. As long as you dont mind learning the 'American' english!
Às 16:08 em 22 dezembro 2010, Renata Christina disse...

that's ok,junior!!!i'm a little timeless,too

i'm on vacation since now!so,i think i'm going to be out for some time,because i'm going to travel adn i'll have many things to do!

see you bye,bye


Às 9:19 em 8 janeiro 2011, Renata Christina disse...
hi junior!!!i'm here guy!!!!!!!
sorry,i've been i little busy these days.
i told you before,i don't spend a long time in front of the computer when i have many others things to do...and i've had it...
but i'm missing chat to you!!!
we're going to talk soon!!!
see you!!!
Às 1:37 em 18 janeiro 2011, Ben Lewis disse...
I was born ready baby! How are you doing buddy?
Às 18:18 em 19 janeiro 2011, Ben Lewis disse...

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