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quero aprender ingles,acho que é uma lingua muito bonita,sem contar que nos dias de hoje é necessario que todos falem ingles,afinal é a lingua do mundo, não é mesmo
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Caixa de Recados (13 comentários)

Às 22:09 em 8 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Marcio,

How are you? I'm sure your English is much better than you think (if I understood your sentence correctly :-).
Thanks for extending your hand in friendship which I've accepted. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. I"ll be happy to help with you with English. I'll also need your help with Portuguese.

Do take care and have a great week.

Às 23:06 em 12 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello marcio,

Thanks for your prompt response. Regarding accepting you as a friend, you're very welcome :-). I'm looking forward to your help in Portuguese in the future.
Regarding using the online translator,,I think its a very helpful tool. Since I listen to a lot of your local music I use some of the free translator services to help me with the lyrics.

Às 21:28 em 3 maio 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Marcio,

How are you? which areas did you needed the most help? I also sent you a message. Do take care...
Great to hear from you.

Às 22:52 em 10 maio 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hi Márcio,

I am glad to meet you. Welcome here.
Sorry, but I was very busy for these days and unfortunately I couldn’t answer your message. I want learning a lot with you.

Thanks and take care.

Às 16:42 em 12 maio 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hello Márcio,

I am pretty good. And you?
Of course. We can learn together. I can practice English for msn. My address is

Às 0:35 em 22 maio 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Marcio,

How are you? Thanks for writing. Don't worry if you're unable to join me during the airing of the show. Are you being helped by using the translation programs? I'm understand and know it's not easy to learn a new language as an adult. I'm here to help you in any way, o.k? Please just let me know which areas you'll need the most help and I'll make myself available.

Do take care and have a great day.

Às 17:53 em 29 maio 2008, Joao Lima disse...
hello, welcome my friends.........good lock
Às 17:55 em 29 maio 2008, Letici m disse...
hello, my friends, welcome....a tip that I give and to hear to you sufficiently musicas in the site of a friend of the green yellow, this site has in mine pag and finds that it helps very............kisses for you...see ya
Às 12:02 em 26 junho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...

Comments Just dropping by to say hello. Have a Nice day. Regards!
Às 16:45 em 2 julho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hi Marcio. How are you? Great to hear from you. Thanks!
See you...

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