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Where I'm from:
Brasil but living in USA Milford MASSACHUSSETS for now
learning another language AND MAKE FRIENDS.......
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Caixa de Recados (4 comentários)

Às 16:59 em 29 abril 2008, Queila disse...
Hi Wanderson, i`m living in Florianópolis/SC, and i will to go from USA in november. Do you like to live in USA?
Às 17:01 em 29 abril 2008, Joana Eler disse...
I've been to NY 2 years ago... beautiful... but cooold... i also went to boston. lol... how long have u been here in the U.S do u have plans to go back to brazil? im going back in the next 2 years i believe. see ya.
Às 13:55 em 30 abril 2008, Joana Eler disse...
i love to live here. i wish i could stay forever, but my husband wants to go back and i also dont have a green card. God is the one that knows where is best for us. :) We are planning to buy a few things there so we can live a good life there. what city are you from in brazil? good luck.
Às 18:06 em 7 maio 2008, Camila disse...
hi, i am well and you....
how are you??
i am with a little time other momento we talk more Ok
until soon!

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