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Friendship of Truth

He had times where I needed to cry,

and consoled me to you.

It had times where it smiles,

and you smiled with me.

It had times where I fought, I questioned

and supported me to you.

It had times where I dreamed, I fought, I believed

and I lived intensely many emotions.

And you, with its true friendship

it was to my side,

facing all the obstacles,

believing me and my ideals.

It had times where I felt me alone,

but as a… Continuar

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My films, my songs and the secrets of the universe - Episode I: "City Lights", by Charlie Chaplin

While writing about "Modern Times" I recalled many other films that made me think and *chuckles* become wiser. We´re all familiar to this feeling: we´re watching some given film or listening to some given song when we realize that the film´s or song´s message has got to you and made you think about life. For a second, the universe ceases to be mysterious and becomes simple. A number or films and songs have led me to these moments of efemerous enlightenment before and I, now, feel compelled to… Continuar

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R11 BarMan

Se deveras sinto aquilo que sinto deveras, vinho tinto então serei, sorvido com absinto,
num eterno drink a ser bebido pelas eras
no cálice de belas coisas, as quais eu minto.

Minto palavras escritas e versificadas,
dentro de emoções descritas e falsificadas.
Sinto emoções aflitas e muito apaixonadas,
dentro de palavras contritas e amontoadas.

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When your brains go numb...

There´s a film that just sums up what I want to let out of my chest tonight: Chaplin´s Modern Times. Right in the beginning, it shows a factory worker who has been doing the same movement for so long that his body was just unable to stop doing it. This is what could be called "mind numbness": when you´re so used to doing something that you just can tell if it´s right or wrong. And then, on any given day in your life, someone shows up and shows you that what you used to think to be correct in… Continuar

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Confusing Little Life of Mine

My life nowadays could be compared to a car-chasing dog: excited and active, but somehow pointless and stupid. Nah, I´m not depressed or anything... it´s just that there´s a certain stage in your life when you occasionally stop and wonder "what have I been doing with my life up to now?". My current answer is: chasing cars. As a metaphor, we could say that the cars I chase are those big life goals that are not supposed to be ran after, but gradually and unadvisedly enjoyed (e.g.: "hey... I´M IN… Continuar

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Expressões populares

Recebi uma apresentação com fotos retratando expressões populares. A gente teve que adivinhar a expressão pela foto. Com minha colega de línguas maravilhosa, Anjaluz, escrevi este blog. Algumas das expressões inglêsas são as mesmas das portuguesas, e algumas são similares ou só relacionadas. Note: As expressões aqui são… Continuar

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Buscando os Verdadeiros Adoradores... sou novo aqui e gostaria muito de aprender o inglês com pessoas que realmente se acham adoradores de Cristo...o mas legal de tudo é que Deus esta no Controle...e ele não dessistiu de nó abraço..deixe um recado..vlw

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Father´s Day

Every day is very important.
Today I remember my father,,, now is dead, but in my heart is sad.
He was a great man and a wonderfull father.

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oi gente

quero aprender ingles vc posem de ensinar a falar ;) .

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