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Scientists have discovered the gene that produces the brilliant red color in male birds like the northern cardinal.

The researchers also found an enzyme that they suspect converts a yellow molecule, which the birds obtain by eating seeds, leaves, and fruit, into a red one. This enzyme is active in the eyes of red and yellow birds, where it plays a role in their ability to see color. But in red birds, the enzyme is also active in the skin and feathers.

“In many bird species, the…


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Costs of celebrity college commencement speakers can add up

  BOSTON (AP) — When colleges pick their graduation speakers, many strive to put a celebrity behind the podium. It can bring prestige. It can bring publicity. And it can bring a steep bill.

  This year, for instance, the University of Houston paid $35,000 to book retired astronaut Scott Kelly as the commencement speaker. Rutgers University paid $35,000 for journalist Bill Moyers, who spoke at one division's ceremony after the schoolwide keynote speech from the unpaid President Barack…


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State urges long-term contraception for women on Medicaid

Dominique Entzminger, a physician assistant of family medicine, wears a stethoscope during an examination at the Codman Square Health Center April 5, 2006 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. State lawmakers approved a health care reform bill March 4 that would make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to require all its citizens have some form of health insurance. Governor Mitt Romney is scheduled to sign the bill next week. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Texas officials want to sell women on Medicaid on the use of long-term contraception that can help them avoid unwanted pregnancies, especially those struggling with significant health problems that are more likely to lead to premature or low birth-weight babies.The goal, state officials said at a House Public Health Committee meeting Thursday, is to urge women to use long-term contraception, particularly after finishing a pregnancy, to ensure they do not become…


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Malaysian Filmmakers Slam Red Granite as Embezzlement Scandal Grows

Directors and producers in Hollywood should be more concerned [about] whether this is blood money, or corruption money or drug money," says a prominent Malaysian filmmaker.

As mounting allegations of corruption continue to engulf The Wolf of Wall Street producer Red Granite, figures from the Malaysian film industry have a message for the company's Hollywood collaborators: Please, stop.

The morning after Woody Allen's Cafe Societyopened the Cannes…


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men for season 12 of our favorite show.


Ever since Ben Higgins broke uber sweet JoJo Fletcher's heart on The Bachelor, we've been dying for the now Bachelorette star to get her shot at true love. And finally, the day has come to meet all 26 of JoJo's contending (and might we say sexy?) men for season 12 of our favorite show.


Photo: Courtesy of ABC NewsThe guys come from a variety of backgrounds, one claiming to be a "hipster" while another happens to be an erectile…


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An estimated 1,000 red crabs wash up in Huntington Beach

Maybe Huntington’s Dog Beach should be re-named Crab Beach?

Little red crab critters washed up along the water line – some dead, some still squirming around and pinching their claws – Wednesday afternoon near Goldenwest Street, up the coast to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands inlet in Huntington Beach.

Lifeguards estimated about 1,000 crabs washed up with the tide.

While they dotted the water line, it was still nowhere near the hundreds of thousands –…


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After Maoist Music and Slogan, Harsh Light Shines on Chinese Show

BEIJING — The brass band strikes up and a squadron of young female singers, known as the 56 Flowers, launches into a rousing anthem to Mao Zedong, whose giant, smiling portrait looms over the stage.“Sailing the seas depends on the helmsman,” the singers and a backup choir warble in the Great Hall of the People, a vast venue usually reserved forChina’s legislature and other official meetings. “Making revolution depends on Mao Zedong Thought.”

The 56 Flowers…


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United Methodist group wants clergy

A United Methodist pastor in Reynoldsburg is calling for the suspensions of three fellow clergy members in the wake of Saturday's same-sex wedding of a minister in violation of church rules.

The Rev. Jeff Greenway, who heads up the Evangelical Fellowship of West Ohio, wrote in a statement on behalf of the group that the public marriage of the Rev. David Meredith is a "clear act of disobedience to the spirit and letter of our covenant."

"These actions are troubling to us as…


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A Russian hacker has 272 million stolen Gmail


t may be time to update the password for your email. Usernames and passwords for more than 250 million stolen Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and other accounts are being swapped around in Russia’s criminal underworld, according to Reuters.

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These stolen accounts were discovered by Hold Security, where researchers found a Russian hacker, dubbed as “the Collector,” bragging that he was ready to “give away” these credentials, which totaled 1.17…


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How Wall Street is making lemonade out of earnings lemons

In what has been an otherwise dismal first-quarter earnings season, Wall Street is hanging onto one hope — that the worst may be over.

Corporate profits have been in their worst skid since the financial crisis, on pace for their fourth consecutive quarterly decline as a stronger dollar, an oil bear market and slumping economic growth both in the U.S. and globally eat into top and bottom lines.

Market pros believe, however, that the first three months of 2016 are showing signs…


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Ninjas, candidates close Downtown streets


A combination of presidential hopefuls, ninja warriors and road construction may snarl Downtown traffic Wednesday afternoon, and in the days to follow.

Starting at 3 p.m. Wednesday, all of Monument Circle as the surrounding spokes will be closed to vehicles for the filming of American Ninja Warrior, according to officials.

The northwest and northeast quadrants of Monument Circle, as well as the North Meridian spoke, will be closed to vehicles through…


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The Best Comes in a Bun at Salvation Burger and Spotted Pig

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman’s newest restaurant, inside the Pod 51 Hotel on East 51st Street, is called Salvation Burger. I can’t say that the first word of the name filled me with hope. The last time this chef and her business partner offered us salvation in a Pod hotel, they gave us Salvation Taco, a thronged taqueria designed for, and seemingly run by, people who don’t know what a taco is.That second word was promising, though. Ms. Bloomfield definitely…


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Go With a Shot

alternatives to champagne toasts

One moment that truly brings all of your wedding guests together is the traditional champagne toast. Everyone at the wedding takes a moment to raise a glass of bubbly in the air and in unison, cheers to the happiness and love you'll experience in the future. While traditionally, champagne has been the drink ofchoice for this toast, it doesn't have to be. Not a fan of the sparkling stuff? Spice it up with these four alternatives.

1. Go With a…


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Luxury fashion world upending tradition to join digital age

Buying luxury clothes online right off the runway. Trying them on virtually. Not having to wait months for the new collection to ship.

As the fashion world comes to London for its semi-annual round of minutely choreographed catwalk shows, luxury designers are shaking up the traditional show and rethinking the way they reach customers to adapt to the age of social media and e-commerce.

Fashion shows have long been about dictating taste, a chance for designers to court powerful…


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21 stone fashion blogger creates a gallery of plus-size brides after struggling to find a wedding dress to fit

A plus-size fashion blogger has created a photo series depicting curvy brides on their wedding days to show that they have 'the same right to a perfect day as anyone else'.

Lolly, real name Laura, from Sheffield, started the series after getting engaged in February 2015 and finding there was a lack of inspiration online when it came to plus-size bridal wear.

The 35-year-old, who is a size 26 and weighs around 21st, blogs about plus-size fashion at Lolly Likes…


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Fashion designer Michael Lo Sordo under fire over debt claims

COMPLAINTS about notorious fashion designer Michael Lo Sordo have gone international, with the industry creative said to owe funds to a client in France.

A disgruntled client from brand management and sales representative company Troop & Co contacted Confidential this week in an attempt to get in contact with the designer, saying he owed her a “large sum” of money.

“I am trying to find contact details of others owed money by Michael Lo Sordo,” Fiona Ryn wrote.

“I am…


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9 Plus Size Fashion Rules Our Favorite Celebrities

With any body shape comes an unnecessary set of so-called fashion rules full of shaming commentary meant to help "best flatter your figure," and when you're plus size, the list seems never-ending. Disregarding plus size fashion rules is not only fun, but liberating. Because so what if this outfit makes my belly more prominent? God forbid I actually like seeing my tummy in that way.

When it comes to breaking fat fashion rules, many of us might think we're one of the first fat babes to…


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Kate Gosselin’s Kids Mock Her Fashion Tips While Back-to-School Shopping

Class is now in session! The January 12 episode of Kate Plus 8, "School Prep," started out at the end of summer, which meant it was time for Kate Gosselin and her brood to go school shopping!

The 40-year-old mother of eight hates shopping, but Hannah seemed the most put out this time, getting one of her terrible stress headaches before the family departed and sitting listlessly in the back of the van on the way to the mall.

"It’s just a Hannah thing," Kate sighed.



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The fashion trends I can't wrap my head around

With the arrival of a new year comes a time not simply for resolutions, but also to take stock and be grateful that one has survived to see it in.

It was Bette Davis who said “Old age ain’t no place for sissies”, and while I rage against being thought of as anything more than slightly mature, I do find myself discovering more and more things that I do not understand and which I must put down to my date of birth. I shall give voice to them and move on; that is my resolution.



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Recognizing True Brands - more than money can buy

Because we live in a global world, it has become almost impossible to prevent the imitation of copyrighted products produced by some of the world's renowned fashion labels.

Luckily, for one reason or the other, people stay loyal to these brands as their product offers them something 'extra' even if it costs them an arm and leg.

A variety of things fall under these extras, mostly intangible, but highly coveted; Status, Prestige, Confidence and so on. As a result, even though…


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