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Fashion designer Michael Lo Sordo under fire over debt claims

COMPLAINTS about notorious fashion designer Michael Lo Sordo have gone international, with the industry creative said to owe funds to a client in France.

A disgruntled client from brand management and sales representative company Troop & Co contacted Confidential this week in an attempt to get in contact with the designer, saying he owed her a “large sum” of money.

“I am trying to find contact details of others owed money by Michael Lo Sordo,” Fiona Ryn wrote.

“I am…


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9 Plus Size Fashion Rules Our Favorite Celebrities

With any body shape comes an unnecessary set of so-called fashion rules full of shaming commentary meant to help "best flatter your figure," and when you're plus size, the list seems never-ending. Disregarding plus size fashion rules is not only fun, but liberating. Because so what if this outfit makes my belly more prominent? God forbid I actually like seeing my tummy in that way.

When it comes to breaking fat fashion rules, many of us might think we're one of the first fat babes to…


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Kate Gosselin’s Kids Mock Her Fashion Tips While Back-to-School Shopping

Class is now in session! The January 12 episode of Kate Plus 8, "School Prep," started out at the end of summer, which meant it was time for Kate Gosselin and her brood to go school shopping!

The 40-year-old mother of eight hates shopping, but Hannah seemed the most put out this time, getting one of her terrible stress headaches before the family departed and sitting listlessly in the back of the van on the way to the mall.

"It’s just a Hannah thing," Kate sighed.



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The fashion trends I can't wrap my head around

With the arrival of a new year comes a time not simply for resolutions, but also to take stock and be grateful that one has survived to see it in.

It was Bette Davis who said “Old age ain’t no place for sissies”, and while I rage against being thought of as anything more than slightly mature, I do find myself discovering more and more things that I do not understand and which I must put down to my date of birth. I shall give voice to them and move on; that is my resolution.



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Recognizing True Brands - more than money can buy

Because we live in a global world, it has become almost impossible to prevent the imitation of copyrighted products produced by some of the world's renowned fashion labels.

Luckily, for one reason or the other, people stay loyal to these brands as their product offers them something 'extra' even if it costs them an arm and leg.

A variety of things fall under these extras, mostly intangible, but highly coveted; Status, Prestige, Confidence and so on. As a result, even though…


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