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How Men Expect A Lady To Dress For A First Date

Contrary to the popular misconception that we guys are not concerned with the appearance of our romantic interest to the first date, we actually do care a lot than we admit. In the real sense, women are known to be more fashionable than men but that doesn’t mean we have no idea or expectations as regards how we expect our ladies to show up for dates.

For these reasons, we take a run down of what we expect the ladies to look like when they turn up for date…


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Sexiest Woman in the World Michelle Keegan: 5 Things to Know

Step aside, Kendall Jenner: 2015's Sexiest Woman In the World has officially been named.

In case you haven't heard, FSM magazine debuted its annual top 100 list of the hottest ladies in Hollywood today with Michelle Keegan coming in at No. 1—barely beating out the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stunner, who landed the No. 2 spot.

While the 27-year-old actress and model is undoubtedly a stunner, many are unfamiliar with Keegan as she hails from across the pond.

So, who…


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Wedding, In the Middle of Mayhem

As a child, I always loved playing dulhan dulhan. Every time my cousin Rabia came home, we spent hours dressing each other up as brides. We would lock ourselves in my room, announcing to the family not to disturb us. Then the two of us would stand in front of the dressing table. There were three big mirrors fixed to a small cabinet, a flower vase and a photo frame with me posing as a kid. I hated to see the scarceness of my dressing table. It was lined with talcum powder, body spray,…


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Brides Pick Their Gowns for a Good Cause

Brittany Newman slipped into the mermaid-style wedding dress and her eyes began to glisten with tears.

"It might be the one," she said, spinning to see the lace and pearl design that graced the back.

Newman was one of many brides-to-be who filled Wyndham Garden Hotel in West Manchester Township Sunday afternoon, hoping to find their dream gown and help a good cause all at once.

Brides Against Breast Cancer visited York County for its third time this year in hopes to keep…


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'Fashion Police' Host Giuliana Rancic Feels Kelly Osbourne 'Threw Her Under The Bus'

The relationship between former “Fashion Police” co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne may be beyond repair. Osbourne has spoken out many times since Rancic's insensitive comments about Zendaya Coleman's dreadlocks at the Oscars and now it appears the 40-year-old has finally had enough.

According to Us Weekly, Osbourne “is dead to Giuliana.” The E! correspondant reportedly feels Osbourne has "thrown her under the bus" by speaking out against her. A source claims Rancic believes…


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Why Young People Aren't Getting Married, According to 8 Couples Who Just Said "No"

It may not be uttered aloud, but there's an assumption about unmarried couples, that thanks to ignorance and immaturity, they're missing out on the wedded bliss that awaits them if they'd only jump aboard the marriage train.

But more and more people are happily remaining unwed, all the while maintaining positive, long-term, committed relationships. The marriage rate in the United States has dropped significantly in the past 10 years, while the number of unmarried couples cohabiting,…


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Dior And I is an entertaining glimpse behind the curtain of a fashion empire

Clothes make the man, so the saying goes. But does the reverse hold true? Read a synopsis of Frédéric Tcheng’s engrossing documentary and it might seem like it’s all about a single genius, clothing designer Raf Simons, hired to bring a fresh perspective to the Christian Dior fashion house. In execution, however, the film is about the many hands and heads that work together to realize Simons’ individual vision, which is itself beholden to the Dior brand.

Even fashionista neophytes have…


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7 Fashion And Beauty Tips I Want My Future Daughter To Know

Don’t fret, mom and dad: I’m not pregnant. Nor do I wish to be for a good nine years or so (a physic told me I’d have kids at 30, so I’m going to go with that). But this doesn’t stop me of dreaming of my future daughter. I’ve always wanted a little girl — boys just aren’t my thing (#noshame). They like Thomas the Tank Engine and Lego, and the chance of them peeing in your face is roughly 90 percent higher than the odds of a girl doing the same (something I’ve gathered from…


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Weddings, Jersey style: College sweethearts host lavish country club celebration

Jessica Hampson and Anthony Amalfe have long been a part of each other's lives.

The couple met more than a decade ago, during their freshman year at Stockton College, when they lived in the same dormitory.

"Getting to know AJ, I realized what a great person he was. He is kind, he thinks of other people and he was always supportive of me," Hampson, 29, said. "He could always make me laugh."

Throughout their college career they shared secrets, memories and even the same…


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