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Fashion on a mission

When Hannah Etisomba saw an online request for models to donate their time and skills to the Kentucky Crusade for Deaf Children fashion show, she wanted to help any way she could.

The cause was “close to her heart” because her 1-year-old son, Aiden, was born without a fully developed ear canal.

Etisomba contacted Madison Greene, the fundraiser’s founder who suffered from undetected hearing loss as a child, and told her she would be of any assistance.

Under Greene’s…


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Roncalli College put on fashion and art show to fundraise for arts department

Long hours setting up will all be worth it to see everything come together for a team of Roncalli College students putting together a fundraising show.

Around 10 students were hard at work on Tuesday transforming the hall with lights and a catwalk, ready for "An Art Affaire" on Thursday night.

The show is being held to help raise money for the school's arts department and the students in charge are hoping to get a full house.

Roncalli College students Kallia McCoid, left, and Emma Batchelor were hard at work yesterday setting up for



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Chelsea Collective: Where fashion meets fitness

From the runway to retail, fashion-inspired fitness apparel (affectionately known as athleisure wear) has become a trend to be reckoned with.

In just a couple of years, dozens of designers — Stella McCartney, Rebecca Minkoff, Betsey Johnson, Alexander Wang, Vivienne Tam, etc. — have dabbled in it, while several department stores have carved out special sections just for clothes that are suitable for the gym but stylish enough for the street. Also, sneaker and activewear sales were up…


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Artists, architects and designers help give fashion brands creative image

Think of Swarovski and no longer is it just kitsch sparkly miniature mice and swans that come to mind. The Austrian cut crystal company is now just as likely to be associated with design leaders such as Naoto Fukasawa, John Pawson and Pritzker prize-winning Rem Koolhaas.

The transformation - led by the fifth-generation Nadja Swarovski - heralds an extension of the 120-year-old family-owned company's successful reinvention within the fashion industry during the late 1990s, placing…


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High fashion? Hideous and expensive

For the past week, I’ve been walking around with a small fortune in my handbag. Roughly £380 000 (R7.6-million), if my calculations are correct.

It’s been quite a weight on my mind, I can tell you. But don’t worry, I haven’t robbed a bank. I’ve just been reading the September issue of British Vogue: 458 pages, almost 1.5kg – and a small house-worth’s of designer clobber.

The September issue of Vogue: the style maven’s autumn-winter bible. The most important edition of the most…


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Introducing Fashion East’s Spring ’16 Crew

Fashion East, Lulu Kennedy’s incubator for some of London’s brightest and most directional talents, has fostered the likes of Meadham Kirchhoff,J.W.Anderson, and Marques ‘ Almeida. Now in its fifteenth year, the organization has announced the lineup of its spring 2016 program. Come September 19, designers Richard Malone, This Is The Uniform’s Jenna Young,and Caitlin Price will present their collections to the international press; we’ve caught up with all three. For today’s final installment:…


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The Internet's Agreed This Is the Jacket of the Future

This July, New York City joined the rest of the fashion world and launched its own Fashion Week dedicated solely to men. While news of the event generated a lot of press, reaction to the actual runway shows was mixed. Expertsdebated whether it was necessary, given fashion's shift to jettison gender divides; and most real guys in New York didn't seem to know it even happened, judging by a survey by the Cut.

Meanwhile, over on the Internet, a single jacket was going viral and racking up…


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Josie Natori To Launch Eveningwear Collection For Resort 2016

Designer Josie Natori has announced a highly anticipated eveningwear collection for her namesake brand, which is set to debut in late November of this year.

"It was really time to do an evening collection. My customers had been asking about it for a while — a collection that showcases the artistry of the Natori world," the designer said, according to a press release.

Designer Josie Natrori, models after her namesake brand's spring/summer 2015 show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

photo: cocktail…


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From Wedding Nightmare to Wedding Dreams

would never marry you!”

Those piercing words not only halted Christopher Amonson’s search for a wedding ring, but the devastating news also led him away from Spokane to live in the Nevada desert for two years.

The young man, however, could not get Crystal Parmer out of his mind, so he returned to the city in the U.S. state of Washington to be with her. When she realized that the man she had been with for nearly five years could not live without her, she seriously reconsidered…


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Hokonui Fashion Show prizes for mother and daughter

Creative mother and daughter duo Chirsteena MacDonald-Paea and Naomi Faifai celebrated their recent fashion success with a frozen cheesecake and pizza.

The Timaru woman, and her daughter who lives in Hanmer, both entered the Hokonui Fashion Awards last month and both went home with prizes.

MacDonald-Paea won the open recycled section and Faifai, 27, placed second in the streetwear section with a dress she made the fabric for.

Because nothing was open in Gore after the…


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