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The disruption fashion needs is one that will cure the most depressing reality of the business

Disruption is a term lobbed around in business now more often than fashion declares something “the new black.” And the brow of a fresh new year is the time to guess which disruptive spaghetti will stick to the ceiling and which will peel off and join the Bitcoin graveyard.

Recent attempts in fashion include the collection of apps that attempted to triangulate body type or measurements to better show how the clothes of online shopping will fit. The technology has faltered because there…


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A winter wonderland of fashion

Images of sugar plums danced in the heads of spirited fashion enthusiasts, in anticipation of the holiday. The invitations began to arrive at the homes of Mr. Triple X fans in the LA area. This was sure to be one of the most eagerly awaited fashion events of the season.

On December 19, 2015, at an upscale private location in Los Angeles, California, the Affluent Attache' Club, "Carte Blanche to Luxury Lifestyle", and Club creator of the ultimate work-life balance lifestyle for its 'on…


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4 garment qualities that are changing fashion

It’s not often that one considers or nurtures their clothes in an effort prolong their closet-life. In fact, many of us are guilty of dumping their garments in the washing machine or handing them over to be hand washed without so much as reading the care instructions.

Don’t worry, if this was a garment-neglect anonymous meeting, I’d be the first to stand and introduce myself as the most uninterested, negligent handler of clothes (fashionable or otherwise) in the room – or at least I…


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Four Guys, an App and a Fashion Statement!

Fashion is something that is constantly evolving, almost on a daily basis. Trends change at the drop of a hat, and what’s fashionable today might be fashion suicide tomorrow. So you’d think that making an app for fashion is near impossible.

But four guys managed exactly that. Wooplr, started by Ankit Sabharwal, Arjun Zacharia, Praveen Rajaretnam and Soumen Sarkar, is today an extremely popular app that allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and also tells them where…


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What the COP21 Climate Agreement Means for Fashion

On Saturday in Paris, the gavel came down on two weeks of fraught talks, resulting in a landmark agreement between representatives of 195 countries to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

The deal, which comes into effect in 2020, aims to ensure that global warming does not exceed 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, with an additional aim to cap this at 1.5 degrees C. A temperature rise of 2 degrees C could could result in catastrophic environmental changes, such as extreme…


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Designer explains why women are biggest rebels, lauds Houston style

Even though John Varvatoshas experienced enormous success, with international clothing, fragrance and shoe lines, along with accolades from her peers — he was recently the first menswear designer honored as ACE Designer of the Year for his footwear line — you'll likely find him on the sales floor at one of his 24 stores.

"I love the engagement with the customer, for sure. I like to hear what they like, what they don't. I like being with my sales team on the floor. Hearing what they…


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Fast fashion slips into high gear

Despite being under 15 years old, fast fashion ranks second in the worldwide production of pollution, behind only big oil. It isn’t slowing down any time soon — H&M opened 240 new stores in the fall of 2015 alone, the equivalent to three stores per day. But the havoc the industry is wreaking on the environment and the world is beginning to show through. In 2016, while fast fashion will keep growing, it will also face growing resistance.

“People are becoming more aware about the…


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Kylie Jenner: I never have facials

Kylie Jenner never has facials for fear that they can cause blemishes.

The 18-year-old reality TV star is known for her flawless complexion. However, she admits her stunning appearance is not down to regular skin treatments. In fact, Kylie’s older sister Kendall, 20, once warned her against having facials.

“I don’t do facials or anything like that,” Kylie told "I have always heard that they’re bad. Kendall is a skin guru because she had acne when she was younger…


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Why Japan Is So Important to American Fashion

Fujiwara's grey hair is a moppy bob and he's wearing what I can only assume are hard-to-find Nikes. My cousin asks why he showed up in sneakers, but what she really means is, "How dare you show up to a formal family event in casualwear?"

Right now, Fujiwara is serenading my sister and her now-husband as they have their first dance as a married couple. I'm impressed, and not just because he has shlepped a guitar from Japan to Kansas City — though to be fair, the groom is American…


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Day 2 of Fashion Pakistan Week featured some of the industry’s most celebrated designers, who brought forth stellar couture and pret collections.

Wardha Saleem

Saleem's regal Zar Gul collection employed her signature traditional techniques of intricate embroideries, gota, dabka and block and screen printing, on palettes of gold and jewel tones. The designer played with contemporary silhouette's, adding in accents of velvet and jamawar into her timeless separates, heavy bridals…


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Meet the New App Turning Your OOTDs Into Fashion Illustrations

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, and just about every major fashion blogger have shared style illustrations of themselves to Instagram in recent months. In fact, you’ve probably noticed illustrators like Aaron Favaloro (who has 79,000 followers and is a favorite of Hadid’s) and Megan Hess (with 214,000 followers and clients like Prada, Chanel, and Dior) popping up all over your feed, as Instagram’s most influential fashion girls repost their sketches.

Previously though, that’s all we…


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'Hello' Singer Ditches All-Black Ensembles In Favor Of A Stunning Red Coat

As Adele returned in the music scene and so her distinctive look will once again surface in every sites and screens. The 27-year-old superstar just recently released her third album and she just surprised everyone by wearing a stunning red coat, leaving her all-black signature clothing.

According to Us Weekly, the MBE was seen outside the Public Theater in New York City on Nov. 20, the same her new album was set for release. She was wearing a candy-apple red statement topper with…


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7 'Zoolander 2' Trailer Moments That Nail Fashion Industry Stereotypes

When it first came out nearly fifteen years ago, the movie Zoolander, a seemingly irreverent comedy, perfectly satirized the fashion industry — a world that quite notoriously takes itself very seriously. The long overdue sequel is mere months away from its debut, and by the really, really ridiculously good-looking Zoolander 2 trailer, the second iteration promises to be serve up plenty more of the same too-real insight into the fashion biz, along with a healthy dose of Blue Steel.



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Art, fashion collide in Miami Design District

It was once was a pineapple farm. Then a rough, industrial neighborhood overlooking a furniture district. Today, the Miami Design District is emerging as an upscale shopping and art Mecca.

The neighborhood is located just a few miles from downtown and South Beach. Its attractions include contemporary art installations, a parking garage that’s an architectural head-turner, and storefront luxury shops from Hermes to Tom Ford, with a concentration of jewelry and timepiece…


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Fashion designer Leanne Marshall

Designer Leanne Marshall may be best remembered as the stand-out Season 5 winner of Project Runway, where she captivated the judges and audience alike with her "wave-inspired" collection of formal wear in turquoise, ivory and sand. Growing up in Yuba City, California, Marshall's love affair with fashion started early. At age 12, she began designing ballet and stage costumes with the help of a local seamstress, and at age 18, she won the Levi's Dockers Fashion Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship…


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Trying to call truce with stepmom for brother’s wedding

Dear Carolyn: My stepmother has been in my life for 20-plus years, since I was a high school junior. She and I have never gotten along well and have had some really terrible fights. I love my dad, but he’s exceedingly conflict-avoidant and says only, “I don’t want to take sides.” So we realized many years ago that we cannot really be around each other much, and I see my dad solo only.

My brother is getting married in a few weeks. My stepmother contacted me to ask whether we could…


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Yes, I'm Cuban. No, I Don't Plan on Going Immediately

My father is a quiet man, but every now and again he finds a way to surprise me with an unexpected quip or the occasional blunt reality check. His means of communication are very much rooted in his Cuban nationality: wavering between thoughtful and tempered and hilariously inappropriate and candid. He fled Artemisa, a city formerly of the La Habana Province, for Miami in the early 1960s, just as Fidel Castro's communist regime began to really dig its claws into the nation. When I recently…


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The best collaborations between airlines and fashion designers

It's no wonder being a flight attendant has always been considered a glamorous profession.

Over the years some of the world's biggest names in fashion have been enlisted to ensure airline employees look their very best even after a long-haul flight - a feat us mere mortals in our activewear and ugg boots can only dream of.

The golden years of flying in the 1960s and 70s saw the futuristic stylings of Italian designer Emilio Pucci, designing for Braniff International, and French…


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Edmond Gets The Tim Gunn Save For Fashion Week

Fans TOTALLY FREAKED OUT when Edmond went home at the end of last week’s show, andRIGHT BEFORE fashion week. Not only has Edmond been one of the strongest, most consistentand beyond talented designers all season, but he also has auditioned for the show ever since the first season — if that doesn’t show dedication I don’t know what does. I feel like this season everyone thinks Tim Gunn is being a little too tough, so I think fans were definitely relieved when he swooped in, in the twelveth…


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Olivier Martinez 'Is Very Upset' About Divorce from Halle Berry

The ring is officially off.

Just one day after Olivier Martinez and estranged wife Halle Berry confirmednews of their split, the French actor was spotted leaving the Beverly Hills home they used to share Wednesday with his wedding band noticeably missing from his left hand.

The new sighting comes as a source tells PEOPLE Martinez, 49, is devastated his marriage is ending.

"Olivier is very upset about the divorce and this is not what he wanted. He and Halle just couldn't get…


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