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I'm so nervous!

I'm so nervous!

I actually want to believe that I can study in the top colleges, that's my dream, that's what I want for my life, but I often find myself doutbting, questioning, "what if that's not enough?.." what if, what if, what if!

I'm sure I have to believe in it, but being honest, I'm so nervous, and at this moment, I feel so unprepared, so insecure.

I passed the placement test to take a course which is supposed to prepare me for the TOEFL. I passed with a very good score.… Continuar

Adicionado por Manuela Melo em 5 julho 2008 às 21:30 — 1 Comentário

Advanced english?

I was registrating in this website, and one of the questions they made me (and certainly made you) was:

What is your english level?

Let me see.. I have no idea! I answered advanced english, but I'm afraid it's not true.

Actually, I don't know. I learned english mostly at home. I took some classes a few times, but it wasn't enough.

Well, then I watched tons of films without subtitles, I travelled abroad, I studied grammar, I read lots of books, magazines and… Continuar

Adicionado por Manuela Melo em 27 junho 2008 às 23:25 — Sem Comments

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