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Hello again!!!

Hi friends.
Sorry for all these days without posts here. I'm really very very busy.
I'm finishing my studies and maybe next week I'll receive my degree in design.
I have news about learning English. I'm making downloads of the learning guide from and I'm really decided to continue my studies using that site. I'm enjoying the lessons. Very usefull.
I'm paying just $10 per month for the lessons.


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Bom, acho que a primeira coisa a se fazer é colocar nossas experiências aqui. Eu estudo inglês a 8 meses em um curso aqui no Rio, nunca tinha estudado antes.

Acho que só com o curso não adianta, você tem que criar seu modo de estudar.

Vou passar o método que tenho feito que pelo menos está servindo bem para mim.

Além de fazer todos os exercícios do curso eu faço o seguinte em casa:

Durante a semana eu pego pelo menos um ou dois textos para estudar. Esse texto tem… Continuar

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Internet Polyglot

Hello again!
Searching for more pages on internet which help to improve my English, i found this page:

I enjoy it very much. The focus on this page is increase your vocabulary. They offer many kinds of lessons about many different things such as astronomy, city, car, clothes, anyway.
I think that you can try to memorize the words and, therefore, learn more as well.
see you!

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About death penalty

Death Penalty is one of the most difficult themes in our society.

Many people accept this way for an adequate judicial system while others disagree.

Much more frequent than we know, justice mistakes happen.

Therefore, it isn't necessary to be a great intelligence to perceive that many innocent people died as well.

Someone who agree on this issue says that the crime decreased in the states which accept this kind of execution.

There are many organizations who… Continuar

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Site to improve your english.

Hello again.

Sorry, I haven't have time to post in my blog but today, when I was looking for new sites on internet, I found one called Aprendendo Inglês.

It's a very interesting site with many hints and suggestions.

I hope you enjoy it.

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The 25 most difficult questions you'll be asked on a job interview

Searching on the internet websites about job interview ( i have a oral test about this on saturday ) i found this site and i want to share with you.

I put below the questions. Take a look!


1. Tell me about yourself.

Since this is often the opening question in an interview, be extracareful that you don't run off at the mouth. Keep your answer to a minute or two at most. Cover four topics: early…


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Learning English with LINGQ

I found a great site that will help you in learning English.

One of the most interesting sites that I saw on the internet.

Vale a pena conferir!

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Finally a new post!

Well! today I wil just shared one article posted in "Simple English News" and after you can see my comments

This is the article:

"A Hospital Error Has Caused a Death

A man has died after a tragic mistake in a Tanzanian hospital, according to a report on the BBC.

The man, who was scheduled to have brain surgery, had an operation on his knee instead. The brain surgery was performed two…

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Simple English News! Notícias simples em inglês básico!

Hi Everybody!

Today I have a very interesting website for you:

Simple English news

The news are in British English but it's very easy and will help you! Try to access now and practice your listening and reading. Only for basic english.


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Practice your listening

Hello friends,

This is my second post in my blog. I like so much to search new sites and podcasts that helps in my learning of english. I put below one of this sites:

This podcast has many different dialogues about relationships, shopping, travel, business, etc, to practice your listening. Don't worry, the dialogues are easy and slowly.


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Hi! This is my first post!

Well, how you can see, my english is very, very bad!

If you find some mistake, please warn me!

I'm Rodrigo. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I work as a webdesigner. I am 33 years old.

I have a very kind wife called Adriana e I love her so much.

I like music and I have a reggae band called "Lascando em Banda". The name of the band is a expression from Bahia. I don't…


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