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My No Money Spent FIFA 15 FUT Series

Hey all. As the title says really. I started my FUT series on Youtube (think it's ok to post a link? If not, my apologies) around about when the game came out with the express intention of making it Division 1 without spending any real money on packs.

So far I'm up to my 18th episode, with No.19 in the can and ready to go. Like many, the patch has changed things somewhat but I'm coping alright I think.

Anyway, if you're interested in my progress, my latest video is…


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Not a rant more a thought I've had FIFA 15

So after the recent patch I feel fifa 15 is ruined for me, not in the fact I cant play I've never been very hung up on win/loss. Its now I don't feel any enjoyment when I am playing, it just doesn't seem fun which is a shame as I was enjoying it up until the patch.

The point I am making is that now the game is (for me) nothing like it was, It feels nothing like the demo which I enjoyed a bit and made me look forward to it, It feels nothing like the game I spent money on buying points…


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You know what's funny FIFA 15?

How this forum works.

Post-patch thousands of individuals believe the game has changed. What the changes are that's not important.

Now the funny part is that Robb and EA deny any changes made to the game.

So either thousands of players who play this game daily and blind and mentally challenged or EA is hiding from something.

If EA were to come out and admittedly say that they changed aspects of the game without letting us know.. Do you know how bad that…


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FUT 15 4231 Formation Guide

I'm going to start by saying 4231 is, and has been my favourite formation since FIFA 15 Coins.

As I do at the start of every FIFA, I make a cheap team in 4231, then gradually build on it throughout the year, trying to attain top players, trying out players that look desirable in the process in order to find the perfect team. Luckily, I packed Hazard and Neuer this year, and was able to try out a lot of the…


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